GE add on switch and automations

I have a 3way switch in my kitchen, which uses a GE add on switch. I also have an additional light on a separate circuit. I would like to have both lights turn on when I use the physical GE switch or add on. as of now the automation only recognizes the main switch and not the add on. my routine is if kitchen lights “on or off”, Then Kitchen pendant “on or off”. please help, brand new to SmartThings Ecco system (left from vera).

The GE add on doesn’t have a radio in it: the only way it works is by sending a pulse along the physical traveler wire to the GE master switch.

So it will turn the GE master switch on or off as it turns on or off, and that’s all that it can do.

You can set up a ST routine so that whenever the GE master switch turns on the switch on the other circuit also turns on, and then whenever you turn the add-on switch on, it will turn on the master switch, and the switch on the other circuit will come on as well.

But there’s no way to have the add-on switch turn on the switch on the other circuit without also having the GE master turn on the switch on the other circuit, if that’s what you were asking.

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so when I use the add on switch it changes the Master( on or Off)? isn’t that the same as using the master? what would ST routine be to control the Switch for Circuit B? I would like anytime I turn off or on the master or add-on switch for circuit A, for that action to also turn on or off the light for circuit B.

Yes, from smartthings’ point of view it is the same as using the master. So you just create a routine that says when the master switch turns on, turn on the circuit B switch.

Normally that will work although there are some very old GE models that might need to be polled to detect auxiliary activation. What’s the model number of the master switch?

Also, we used to use the smartlighting feature to have one switch “mirror“ another, but I don’t know the best way to do that with the new rules engine. I’m sure someone else will.

(The current version of the app is not voice navigable, so while I keep up with the hardware side, I don’t know the app very well now.)

Ah so an old switch might be the cause. I have a newer switch I will try

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Worth a try. You probably already know this but it’s a newer master that would make the difference, not a newer auxiliary.

Installed a newer generation switch, works PERFECT
thank you