GE 45631 with Aeotec Switch?

It’s certainly possible, but it’s probably the most difficult way to do it in the SmartThings platform.

With SmartThings, any device, regardless of protocol, which sends its button press information to the SmartThings hub can then be used to trigger activity on any other device which is controlled by SmartThings.

The problem with the GE 45631 is that it’s a really old Z wave device. It does not send its button presses to the hub. It expects to directly control another Z wave device in the same room with it.

So you can set it up to work, but if you do, the hub doesn’t know that the button was pressed and your statuses can all get out of sync.

Instead, most people would pick one of the many other devices which do send their button presses to the hub, which not only keeps the statuses in sync but also allows them to use a button press to do many other things like run a routine or change the mode or arm/disarm smart home monitor etc. and you would no longer be limited to just other Z wave devices. Or devices in the same room with the button controller.

Obviously, it’s your choice, and there are some people using the 45631, but it’s just not as popular because of its limitations.

The following thread lists most of the more versatile alternatives: