GE 45609Won't turn off

I’ve wired a few of these and it’s pretty straight forward. I had one laying aroung and I’m not sure if it is defective. I have wired the incoming power to the line tested with a voltage tester, wired the load and then connected a neutral wire from the 45609 to a bundle of neutrals in my box. The device stays on, if I press of, it goes off for a second and then goes on again. Any thoughts?

I have several of those too, but I’ve never had one do that before. If you wire them wrong you’ll know, and sounds like you’ve “been there done that”, so perhaps it is defective? I don’t know how you’d test something like that to know for sure. Too late to return it?

I cant think of what I could have done wrong unless there is something in the neutral cluster, but that doesn’t make. The live wire was originaly wired to a traditional switch with a jumper to another switch next that controls a fan. There is a black wire painted white which I have assumed goes to the light since there are no other wires that could be the load. and then there was the cluster of neutral wires which I wired to the switch in the neutral spot. The only thing I am thinking is that there is another wire that is for the load but I don’t recall seeing anything that it could be.

Thanks for any help.

This may be obvious to you. But my previous installation was with a three way light. I had the original Three way switch but I used the auxilliary to make another light a 4-way. SO I am using this as a single switch. I am wondering if the issue is that I have nothing connected to the traveller spot. Do you think I have to connect a wire and jump it to another location on the device or in my box?

No, you should be fine, but I’d cover up that traveler terminal with some electrical tape. You don’t want that to touch anything with voltage.

When the switch toggles by itself as described in your first post above, does the blue LED also go on/off? How about pulling the air gap switch out/in to see if that “resets” anything?

Thanks got it, it was either the airgap or some communications issue. I read that sometime a repair of the network could work. I did both and it is working. Thanks for the help.

Excellent. Glad to hear it’s working for you.