GE 45604 Z-Wave Outdoor Module

I was trying to use GE 45604 Z-Wave Outdoor Module to control my basement dehumidifier. I had no problem connecting 45604 to my hub, but I was not able to switch the power on or off on it. Device type is “Z-Wave Switch,” on my android phone it looks just like the other switches I have. If I touched the icon, it changed color from green to gray, but the switch itself was not turning off and dehumidifier continued to run. Did anyone have similar problems?
Thank you.

How far away is it? Try moving it closer to the hub and see if it turns on and off. I’m wondering if it is a signal level issue.

I’ll try to move it closer and test. It is directly bellow the hub on a different level of the home. I have several receptacles and switches on that level that are z-wave, wouldn’t that strengthen the signal?

I would think so! If that doesn’t help, I would try re-pairing it and leaving it connected for a little while and then moving it into place. Sometimes I run into issues if I connect something and then unplug it right away. Almost acts like it doesn’t complete the pairing. Just my ideas. If that doesn’t work, reach out to support and they can look at the logs to see what is going on.

I purchased one of these at Lowe’s hoping it would be the same as the one sold through the ST shop. It’s a different model number and is advertised as working with the IRIS system but it is a Z-wave device and seems to work well. The instructions said to put your hub in search mode and click the ON button on the switch to initiate the pairing process. It took a while but it did pair. People have recommended that you pair it close to the hub and once connected, move it to where you’ll use it. That seems to have worked for me so far. In general the pairing process is not very user friendly for Z-wave devices. There needs to be some status update or feedback as to what is it doing so people know it’s working properly from the Connect A Device screen… at a minimum indicate that it may take several minutes to complete the pairing process so people know what to expect.