GE 45600/45601/45631 Remotes - Need Full Integration to Operate Other Protocols and Items via ST

Rough explanation: (experimentation and research of Z-Wave and SmartThings protocols recommended)

The device sends a signature during network join, and this signature is used to select the Device Type and Handler.

Once the device is in your network, you can override the Device Type (and, thus, force it to use different handler code). However, Z-Wave devices probably need to be sent a configuration string which tells it how chatty it should be.

I mean after publishing a custom device signature, where does it show up on the list of avaliable devices?

I published my device code, but need to pick it instead of the standard z-wave remote that pops up during setup.

Read the minimote and 7 button documentation again. If you note there are not on/off switches light the GE, they are scene controlers (GE is also, just need to hit the scene button first). So they don’t assign virtual devices, they assign a button to a group of lights (multiple lights) that is setup on the primary controller (ST). Nothing saying a scene has to have more than one device, so you can assign one light to a scene (protcolor then don’t matter on a scene, thus a Zigbee could be assigned to a scene) and get the same effect as turning it on/off from the remote.

Do you mean the list of Devices on your Hub, or the list of your custom Device Types?
Once you have any Device associated with your hub, you can edit / change the assigned Device Type to your custom one.

Check under:

Thanks, will have to try that.

I don’t think that is the distinctive difference here, unfortunately. The GE is a Z-Wave master and is able to store scenes directly in itself (and share these scenes with slave controllers). The GE remote is permitted to live on the Z-Wave network with SmartThings, but they don’t share information, even for scene activation.

Please refer to this response from Duncan at SmartThings:

I read you can only have one primary controller on a network (ST), not seeing a limit on secondaries (GE Remote), but the data is all stored on the primary and can be transferred and even replicated. Although it sure seems like the “Lights”, when designated to the remote button, are resident in the remote, so… The Minimote and 7-button documentation is very careful to mention they are scenes controllers, not much time to play the next few days, but will keep studying and keep this on the burner…

Hey, @jimmay3, @thrash99er, @MartinNYC, @tgauchat, @bravenel and others,
I wrote a custom device handler to enable GE 45600 to send scene activation commands to the hub. All 9 buttons are functioning the same way as Aeon Labs Minimote.

Theoretically, it should work with GE 45601 too, but I don’t have one to try it. Would be interested to hear your feedback.

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This is great, I knew it could be done… GE 45600’s will shoot up in price now, better grab one now…

@geko, can you bump up the device type to handle all 18 (9 + 9) button options? Note that when you press Setup button once, it acts like a Shift button to give your the upper 9…

Guess we can move all future conversations over to @geko thread at:

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Guys, can somebody point me where to grab the GE 45600 device type code from? will appreciate it.

@smart You can use this…

But, I just use the default Zwave remote that ST detects it as, since no one has been able to get it to recognize the scene commands unless it was previously working with like Vera.

It is a lifesaver when ST is not working like last night, at least most of my switches are Z-wave and I can control it with these.

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@thrash99er Thanks a lot!

i wonder what configuring it with vera does to it? frankly i LOVE smartthings but if i bought, say, five of these remotes, and i was SURE configuring them from vera was possible, then it’s actually still cheap to buy the vera hub ($104) just to configure the remotes with. I’d be out about $150 and have five scene controllers. And i’m sure i could resell the hub.

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any idea (based on what you said) if another cheaper hub would work also? I also have a wink hub.

If it’s a hub that the handheld remote works with, it should be the same process.

Just don’t make sense why other hubs have capability and open source ST does not, is not willing to allow it, or can not figure it out? I’d want my device to be fully compadiable with as much as possible, others in the same price range or less pull it off?

It’s a zwave controller function, controller replication. The ST hub doesn’t support that command.

And further–once the remote is set up with scenes by a primary that supports scene controllers, the remote will return the scene number when a button is pressed. But without being set up as a scene controller, the remote just returns a null, which is why SmartThings can’t tell what button was pressed on the remote unless the remote was previously set up by a different primary.

My guess, if I had to guess, is ST doesn’t support these zwave-only scene controller commands for the same reason ST describes zwave as having “clusters” when it doesn’t–it looks like they started from a zigbee framework to build their “universal” platform, and then fit zwave into that. So they never really built in the scene controller concept, because that doesn’t exist in zigbee. They went with button controllers instead, which basically treat each button as a separate contact sensor. Which work great with both zigbee or zwave right up until you run into a device, like the GE handhelds, which require a specific zwave controller command to tell the hub which button was pressed. But that’s a pure guess.

SmartThings can mix zigbee and zwave devices into a set you can control with one button press on a Minimote or SmartenIT 3 toggle. That’s actually pretty amazing, and not something most of the competition does. But they got there by NOT supporting the zwave-only concept of scene controllers.

I don’t have a big problem with what they did, but I wish they’d explain it better and offer more alternatives that do fit their universal platform concept. (Harmony does, nicely: nailing that integration would help a lot if ST would explain it in a way that helps justify the higher price.)

If you have a zwave-only installation, the GE handhelds are useful cheap devices. But the Aeon minimotes are even cheaper, and fit a universal platform better. And if you want zwave-only, I’m not sure you’d select ST, anyway.

So like I said, I understand the reasons. I just wish it was explained with more clarity. :sunglasses:

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i’m not sure i would say they are even cheaper. I paid $10 for my ge remote.

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@thrash99er , I don’t see whether the link you provide is your own code or not? However, that code doesn’t seem to be available any longer on GitHub. Any idea where I can find it?

GE45600 does not work as a button controller with ST, so I removed the code.