GE 3-way switch stopped working after occupancy sensor install

I’ve had a GE 3-way switch + toggle switch setup and working fine. I just added a new (non z-wave) occupancy switch to lights that share the same circuit. The occupancy switch works fine, but now the z-wave switch stopped working. These switches share the same neutral and hot lines. What is odd is that I can’t manually turn on the switch at all, but every 4th or 5th try via the ST app, it will turns the lights on for a split second. Can these two switch share the same circuit or did I ruin the z-wave switch somehow? I tried to disconnect the new occupancy switch from the hot line and the z-wave switch didn’t still didn’t work. Any ideas?

I would get in touch with GE support, but I think the answer is going to be that they cannot share the same circuit. It’s likely that when the new switch that you just added is off there is no longer any current available to run the Z wave radio in the older smart switch. You may even have essentially removed the older switch from the circuit altogether, since if I understand your post, it also stopped working manually.

So basically it sounds like a wiring configuration issue preventing these two switches from working on the same circuit. :thinking:

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Older Jasco (GE) switches are known to go bad when the power is interrupted due work or a storm.
If the switch is less than 5 yrs. old Jasco will likely replace it for free.
So contact Jasco customer service by phone.



The fact that when you reversed it, it didnt ‘come back’ to me indicates damage to the switch itself.

Call Jasco