GE 26933 Motion sensor switch timing?

I’m interested in this:

My issue is the motion sensors I have now with smartthings, aeotec miltisensor 6, is too unrrliable for my liking. Sometimes it turns on immediately, sometimes I get into the middle of the room and stand for a couple seconds before it turns on. I want to know if this switch will give the same issue. I have a generic motion light switch that turns on instantaneously every single time, I’m hoping someone can tell me this sensor is as sensitive and responsive.

First, a couple of questions about your current set up.

When’s the last time you ran a Z wave repair, and what, if any error messages did you get?

Second, do you have the Aeotec Sensor set up so that you are walking across the detection field rather than straight on towards it?

Third, is the automation that you are using to trigger the device set up to run locally or in the cloud?

Fourth, what’s the firmware level on the multi sensor, if you know. And what’s the exact model number? You can change the configuration of the sleep., Which is often perceived as being a more responsive device.

( because the GE device is mains powered rather than battery powered, it shouldn’t have a sleep period, So in that sense it should be more responsive. But because you have fewer choices about where to place it, that can be an issue separately.)

I don’t have one but since the motion sensor is integrated with the light switch, I would expect it to be as instantaneous as a dumb motion switch. The only lag should be for any additional automations you’re triggering with it.

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With the occupancy mode, the lights (load side if the switch) actually come on from motion locally and then the z wave notifications are sent to the hub.
@MichaelS is the maintainer/developer of a custom dth with access to all of the features you can find info here:

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Great device, I have 2.

Mkst of the other devices you named are battery powered device and have a report cadence, ST will only respond when the device reports, and that is configurable.

That said. These are line powered and report status damn near instantaneously, and they’re very sensitive (I had to turn down the sensitivity for the one in my office.


@JDRoberts, I have two set up, each are so you walk across them. I’ve run the repair so many times to the point I think it’s a useless widget feature. Lately I do get an error because I have one switch disconnected, but before that there was no error.

@nathancu, the sensors i have are plugged in not on battery. But ill go ahead and try this. One more question, since this functions based on local motion/lack of motion, can i intercept the lack of motion with webcore? Basically this will be in a bathroom with a glass shower door. There will be another motion sensor in the shower area. I want when the other sensor detects movement the light stays dimmed. Will that happen or will it flick on and off beaded on the second motion sensor?


To get the effect. You want youll probably want to use WebCoRE or something else to control these in concert

I’d probably write one piston for the lights and run standard behavior unless motion detected within x on the other motion sensor.

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