GE 14299 with Load Resistor/LEDs

My first post here so first thanks to everyone for the help I’ve gotten “smartifying” my house over the last couple months. The forum is a wealth of information. I haven’t found anything exactly like this topic though.

Regarding lights I have an older house and ran into a problem with several circuits not having a neutral. For some of those circuits I used a GE 14299 switch that does not require a neutral. One down side is that it does not allow use with LED lights. I’m apparently developing a bit of OCD as I age and having lights through out the house with different colors has started to bug me and the lights I have in the fixtures with the GE14299s look especially weird.

My question is if any one has experience using a load resistor with this switch arrangement to allow LEDs to work. There are commonly available resistor for use with other dimmers etc. In theory I don’t see why it would be any different, but I am also surprised if it does there isn’t more discussion about it out there.

I’m also a little curious for some input on how they would work. The GE 14299 spec sheet says a minimum load of 40W. The fixtures I have them in are 3 bulbs and use 14W LEDs so it seems like I’d already be above that minimum requirement at 42W. The commonly available load resistors I’ve seen out there are listed at 1.4W so they don’t seem like they would be terribly significant as an addition.

Any one done something like this?