GE 14294 dimmer doesn't update on/off state for a long time

This started happening recently, I had rules set up to mirror switches and those rules are not working now because GE 14294 dimmer state gets updated after ~5 minutes or so. I tried resetting the switch, adding it back to no help.

I am using the regular “Dimmer switch” handler for local proccessing. Interesting the details list network security level as ZWAVE_LEGACY_NON_SECURE which looks suspicious since my other switches don’t have the shown in details.

This is normal with the new zwave framework being used. Just saying that it’s not using encapsulation which is okay. Most older Z-Wave devices use this mode for communication.

Try to “power cycle” your switch (mains power) and then do a Z-Wave repair.

Known issue and the fix should be out for the next firmware release…