GE 14292 Toggle with fan

I am using a GE 14292 toggle switch for turning a fan on/off. As soon as I installed this switch, it acted kind of “janky” at times. I turned it on an off a few times and then the switch got “stuck” on. Toggling the switch on or off wouldn’t turn the fan off nor doing it via the Smartthings app… The relay was stuck. I flipped the breaker and that released the relay and it started functioning again. I’ve also heard it click twice when trying to turn on. The switch was working “normal” for about a week and then it dropped out of my Smartthings app. I messed with that for a long time. Excluded it, moved the hub, etc etc. The switch also got stuck “off” this time. Threw the breaker and it started working to turn the fan on/off but I could never get it added back to the Smartthings hub. I had Amazon ship me a new one. Installed that one. SAME EXACT thing as far as the relay getting stuck goes. I’ve had this happen twice now. I’ve also heard this one click twice to turn on once. I also noticed that when I touch the wall plate over that one that it is “warm”. Its not hot, just warm. I have a GE 12729 next to it and it doesn’t seem warm… I’m wondering at this point if the draw of the fan is causing an issue for this switch? These are supposed to be able to be used with fans as long as you dont care about speed control, right?

I think you need the fan controller (GE14287) regardless due to the load the fan motor puts on the switch. I’ll defer to someone has more electrical knowledge than I, but I did fan controllers for all of my fans to be safe. I’ve got 6 of them in total and have had zero issues.

most ceiling fans don’t pull more than 1 amp at high speed. This switch is rated at 15amps. So load is not the problem. Doesn’t sound like you got a lemon either. Yes this on/off switch should be fine for your purpose.

I wonder why it would get warm. Do you have aluminum wire? Watch out for corrosion, actually very dangerous to mix aluminum and copper wire. You can workaround the issue with some special goop-filled wirenuts.

Maybe you have an old fan, that needs lube? How easily does it turn by hand? If it’s stiff/dirty bearing then the current could increase beyond normal 1 amp. An OLD-old heavy Hunter fan can sometimes be restored by refilling an oil-bath? or something like that. Though I would expect you would hear bearing trouble.

Followup if you learn something.

Thanks for the reply… I do not have copper wire and the fan is less than a year old. It’s actually a new construction home. The only other odd thing that I notice is that occasionally when the fan is turned on (with the original hardware switch or the smart switch) the light kit on the fans flicker once. It it doesn’t happen all the time, maybe one of 10 times? The fan and lights are wired independently. The idea of had was possible interference from the motor when it’s turned on and somehow that affects the LED bulbs in the light kit…

I checked the temperature with my infrared thermometer. The fan switch was 76 degrees. The 12729 dimmer light switch to the left was 74.5 degrees. The analog switch to the right was 68 degrees. Ambient temperature was 68 degrees. It’s really not warm at all. For what it’s worth, the 12729 isn’t zwave plus as the 14292 is. I’m less worried about the additional heat. I mean, the device has a radio that it’s powering inside for the automation. I assume that’s what the heat comes from.

That said, exactly a week after installing this replacement 14292 toggle switch for the fan, it stopped talking to my hub. No changes. Went over to the toggle and tried to turn the fan on and it wouldn’t turn on. Tripped the breaker and both the zwave and relay are functional again. The difference this time is the zwave started working again whereas I could not get the other one to work anymore at all.

oh - that temp difference seems insignificant.

Since you can’t operate the switch manually then the wiring seems unreliable. In the wall, box or in the fan. Loose connections.

It’s not the connections. It is the relay getting stuck.

This continues to be an issue. I received another 14292 as a gift (purchased from the same place) around the same time that I bought this one. That one is functioning fine. All connections are good. WHEN this device stops functioning with manually pressing the toggle (stuck on or off), it disconnects from my hub as do any devices that are routed through it. Only solution is to trip the breaker for a minute and everything comes back up and the relay inside begins working again. I’m asking Amazon for a 2nd replacement of the device…unless anyone has any other ideas. I’ve tried emailing GE/Jasco and I don’t get any response from them.

Did your replacement switch work? I got the same switch from Amazon on 11/21/2018 and since then, it’s relay has got stuck 4 times, so that’s like in about a month, 4 malfunctions. When the relay gets stuck, the only way to release it is cutting the power to the switch from the breaker Like you said, it clicks twice when turning on. I have the option to return the switch till 1/31/2019, but if a replacement switch worked for you, I might try that route.

Short answer is no. Mine still has issues from time to time. I noticed that removing from routines to turn off whenever I leave has made it get stuck a whole lot less… But about every two months I still have to throw the breaker to fix it. I’ve been thinking about using a fan controller that sits up at the top of the fan that is purpose built, but I don’t think I have the room for it.

Thank you so much for responding so quickly. I will return this switch and look for something else.

No problem. Also, for what it’s worth, it affects both of my fans now.