GE 12722 Z-Wave On/Off Wall Switch Error

Using a GE 12722 Z-Wave On/Off Wall Switch & getting a strange error in live logging whenever switch is turned on or off. Also, I cannot get the indicator light to function regardless of option setting in IDE.

Using Z-Wave switch DTH

error java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: 184 @ line 273

Any thoughts?

Was it working before?
Is it still working?

As for the led not being lit. Are you sure it’s wired correctly?

Oddly enough I recall it working when I first set it up month ago or so, but didn’t pay any attention that it stopped. I have to go back & check the wiring. It’s in an ugly 4 gang box that has 2 Leviton electronic (but not automated) dimmers & another dimmer (which is on a different circuit! That was “fun” figuring that out when my hands were wrist deep!!!). It’s a wiring nightmare & something is prob screwed up, although it all functions. I was guessing since the radio functions that it was unlikely to be a wiring issue, but who knows…hence my question in case anyone else had a similar issue?

Wow, that is odd. Was working, still working. Just not the led.

You got me stumped right now.

Hence my question about the error which sounds like a possible software issue…but what do I know, I’m not a programmer, I just play one when messing with ST lol

I wonder if you might have to remove it and reinstall it? Software wise not actually wiring.

I had support walk me through it once when they were trying to help me figure.out some unusual items in my live logging.

I’m sure how to do that is on here somewhere.

So, now I realized the error might not be generated from the light switch, looks like coming from MediaRenderer app. I’ll just have to rewire the box & see what happens. Odd though that it was throwing the error each time the switch was turned on/off but there is nothing I could find linking the two devices. Even stranger is the switch isn’t showing up in the names list above logging…very odd.


Any ideas on this error mediarenderer is throwing. Seemed to correspond to when I was turning on/off a zigbee wall switch?

Hi @rxsamg, I think its getting data from other device, I´m going to update the connect. But it will be until weekend.



Thanks in advance for your effort!