GE 12720 Outdoor switch ,flickers and shuts off

I have GE 12720 outdoor switch , started flickering and now its stopped working , even manual on/off same result. Did I just receive bad switch ?

These need to be installed hanging downward, just like the picture. ( or else in a protective box)

If they get rain, snow, or even heavy dew inside, they can fry. :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :disappointed_relieved:

This is often a problem this time of year because people put Christmas lights along the roofline and plug them into the GE device which then ends up pointing upwards instead of downwards.

Or it might just be a bad device, it can happen.

I have two of them plugged in the outlet and they are both pointing downwards , could that be an issue ?

Two of them plugged into the same outlet? There’s a small chance that they could be interfering with each other. Try just removing one of them and see if that fixes the problem.

I removed one of them and got the christmas lights working but the other one doesnt seem to work any more on any outlets, looks like switch seems to be on briefly but in a few moments it goes out immediately

Weird thing it was working for 5 days …