Gauging interest in a topic using available data?

(Aaron) #1

Seems like if you knew how many users viewed a topic, did not post, but did ‘watch’ or ‘star’ it, you’d have some sense of the interest level. Does Discourse have this functionality built in that could be exposed?

(Darryl) #2

I can see views… that’s not adequate?

(Aaron) #3

I’m thinking it might be useful to know how many users, once they view the post, decide to watch or star it vs decide they don’t care and move on. If a post has 100 views and no replies, does that mean no one cares or does it mean folks care but don’t have meaning feedback to post? I guess that’s what I think you would get out of knowing how many watchers and stars a topic has. Just looking at views maybe only tells you how good you are at creating interesting titles :wink: