GAU alarm system

Does anyone if it is possible install a driver that can recognize the GAU ALARM SYSTEM on smartthings?

I’ve bought this alarm system, but unfortunatly after i have installed it on smart life, as recomended buy seller, i couldnt find it on smart things. Is it possible to install it in smartthings? Or at least see its status in smatthings?

Looking forwarto to hearing from you all.

Gautone-sistema De Segurança Pg103, Alarmes Contra Assalto, Sem Fio, Wi-fi, Padrão Gsm, 433 Mhz, Controle Por Aplicativo Tuya Smart Home - Kits De Sistema De Alarme - AliExpress ( this is the alarm system’ model that i have bought )

@Mariano_Colmenarejo (sorry i mentioned you becouse you have helped me a lot in zegbee swiches)

It is highly unlikely that you will find away to integrate it to SmartThings (ST).

Depending on what information it shares with Alexa and Google you might get a partial integration.

If there are output terminals (dry or low voltage) you might be able to connect it to a Z-Wave or ZigBee device that can communicate with ST. But that would only tell ST it is in alarm.