Gas fire/ device / valve (UK)

(Craig ) #1

Saying I wanted to control a gas fire, what is out there that would work with ST and meet legal requirements (UK)? I’m a gas engineer so got the gas side covered but the tech stuff :man_shrugging:t3: Can’t seem to find anything.

(Edward Niedziejko) #2

Building code is usually pretty specific about what kind of control you can use with a gas fireplace. Typically only what the manufacturer supplies or lists as compatible.

(Albert Kleyn) #3

I highly doubt that there is a turn/on or shut off valve which can be “smart” controlled. Insurance regs are getting stricter and stricter and here in ireland if you touch any gas appliance yourself your home insurance will no longer pay out in case of a fire. You now need to provide a cert from a registered gas installer to even get your warrantee on whatever gas appliance you want to register for warrantee purposes. Building codes and regulations are getting tighter all the time and having someone play around with gas open/shut off vales could have catastrophic consequences… but I do note you are gas engineer, so dont take this the wrong way.