Garge door opener voice activated? or location based?

I have been using the GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener with smarthings and it works fine. Now my wife wants one for her side of the garage it seems like the one i have is no longer sold? but there are a few others that look decent like Garadget or meross there a lot of them to pick from.

It seems that most want you to make a account (Garadget) so you can control it from there website i’m not so sure i want to do that seems like just one more way for someone to get in plus i don’t know if they work with smarthings. In the new ST app the GoControl always says not connected but works fine in the classic app.

But how can i get the door to open by voice? or by locations. Currently i have to pull out my phone load up the smarthings app and push the button, i know shes not going to like that we both have iPhones is it possible to tell siri to do so? probably not since it’s apple or maybe alexa since they have one in testing for auto.

I’m willing to buy another GoControl sure i could find one somewhere.

Thanks for the help!

Home Depot says they will have more of the gocontrol devices in in about two weeks.

There are several different ways to get it to work with either Alexa or Geopresence using the Classic app. I’m not sure what is possible with the new app.

Here’s one of the classic app projects. It’s old, and there are probably easier ways to do it now, but it may give you some ideas.

Wonder why gocontrol is out of stock?

(5 left at time of the post) ^

(2 left at time of post) ^