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So is 102428 the newest version and when did it come out? I went through this in another thread and ended up buying the Lightify Hub, but when I connected the lights to that my firmware never updated. I’m still on version 102201. Did the 102428 just get released recently? Did you do anything special on the Lightify Hub to get it to update? I had mine connected to it for almost a week and still no update.

Here’s the thread for reference:

You DO NOT need to remove them from ST, since the Zigbee ID will not change. Just manually reset them with Osram bridge in inclusion mode. They will connect to Osram bridge and you can update the FW.
Once they have finished updating reset them again and put ST in inclusion mode and they will reconnect to ST with name and all automations intact.

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I just bought these myself, so I don’t know how long it’s been out. I don’t remember how the hub updated, but it pretty much prompted me to update it. After you add each light, If you click the hamburger in the upper left-hand corner, you should see one of the lines with a red dot for Updates or something like that. I should have taken more screenshots.

Is that in the new app?

IDE at

Mine is 2 year old and shows, can’t remember if I ever updated it

  • Current Version: 0x01020492
  • Target Version: 0x01020492
  • Last Updated: N/A
  • Last Checked: 2019-12-23 12:27 PM EST - [Check Now]

OK. I knew about the IDE, but never clicked on HUBS before.

That said, the directions on the Smarthings Support page need to be updated, because it says to use the app, and gives these directions:

Are Zigbee OTA firmware updates enabled automatically?

No. Currently, you must enable the updates through the SmartThings App.

  1. From the Home screen, touch Menu (Menu icon) > Devices
  2. Select your Hub
  • If you have the Samsung SmartThings Wifi or Samsung Connect Home, select SmartThings Hub > Manage SmartThings Hub
  1. Touch the refresh icon under Device firmware updates
  2. Touch Allow for all devices or Allow except lightbulbs

I didn’t see any of this on the classic app.

No, it’s me. I am familiar with iDE that I forgot it was in the new app.

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It doesn’t exist in Classic. Only the ide and new app.

I extended the length between 2 strings (about 30 feet) using direct burial 18/4 sprinkler wire, I used some waterproof butt connectors and shrink tubing over the top of that, I should of took some pictures. The wire was only $0.35 a foot at home depot.


Installed 3 more kits for a total of 5. Going to put the sixth we got around a flower bed out back.


Ok, so I got them paired by bringing them closer to the hub but now I have a new problem…funny I never had these problems at my old house with my old sets! So I set a routing for off and on and the on works fine…the off however changes one set to some random reduced % so they are still on but dim and turns the other off…I am wondering if it has anything to do with the color coordinator app? I have deleted and recreated the routine to no avail. Any thoughts?

So as I was typing I thought about the color coordinator app and sure enough when I remove the strands from that app they go off and on as expected. Bummer cause I really loved not having to play in the color wheel for 25 minutes to get the hue and saturation correct since I am overly Type A. :unamused: :flushed:

Have you tried using trend setter to group the two as a color dimmer? That’s what I did and it works flawlessly. Also, after you moved them, did you unplug your hub for 30 to 45 minutes to let your zigbee mesh rebuild?

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I have mine grouped in trendsetter. Occasionally 1 will get out of sync, but hitting sync in trendsetter device fixed it.

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Hey - had not heard of trendsetter…looking it up now. Didn’t rebuild but never have had to in the past. Thanks again for the assistance!

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Anyone else having any of their gardenspots showing different device types? All have the same firmware. All 3 different. Tried changing to match and they reset back after going offline.

Did you ever figure out this question? I have 3 extras laying around that I would love to use.

I would guess any 5volt rgb strips would work.

SO maybe this is a little late… I use a smart app called “Garden Hue”. Keeps my spots and outdoor flex strips the same color. Its has the basic colors. I was using webcore for this, but after a while it stopped looping so I gave up and when with this. (FYI my DH are zigbee RGB for all)