Gardenspot together

I just installed two sets of the 14 ft lights together in my front yard along a path. My wife now wants the other side as she loved them. I have them plugged into an outside wall outlet. They are working great.

I want to install another two sets also. Can I plug this into the same outlet? I already read that we technically (as per manual) shouldnt put two of the long lights together but many people have done it.

Also what if I want to put 3 or 4 or 5 of these lights together for my backyard. Do I have to get a larger transformer and how do I install it? These are low voltage leds.


I’m confused by this question. Do you mean the same power supply? Or same electrical outlet set?

Also if you haven’t you should browse this thread.

Yes you can do it. If your careful and make some edits to your DTH you could possibly go up to 3. It was discussed in the thread above.

You can get a larger transformer, but again you’ll have to be careful as you could and probably would be overloading the control amp by having too many lights on it.
That will also require you to make some of your own connections up to use something else. It won’t just plug in like it does now. Not hard just something to be aware of.

I believe that is also so discussed in that thread, or others I have read.

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I would like to connect like 4 of the strings into the same power supply and then into one outlet. So basically making one long string of lights.


You would definitely need a bigger outdoor rated power supply. Better to use a second control unit to power the other 2 strands and control all the units together using a virtual dimmer or smartapp and stick within the mfg recommendations


I would not do 4 strings together. I have 3 strings on 1 power supply / controller combination. I have modified my DTH to limit the level. We personally NEVER turn the level above 30 or 40% we don’t like or need them very bright.

If you read that thread you’ll see where we discussed the whole load limit / and power draw of the standard supplied parts.

You can do more lights in one string using a power supply and controller you purchase and wire. I believe in that thread someone shows where they ran a long string using purchased wire and parts.

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Well I tried to put the other string if light today and I found out that they don’t fit in the outlet. Any solution to this? Outdoor Extension splitter cord maybe?

Would something like this work

Yeah that would probably work. Look a little ugly. Your in a tight spot. If you don’t need access to the other plug you don’t have to have a multi plug adapter. You just need an adapter / cord that plugs straight in. Like the one you linked to.

So with the splitter it has three outlets. Would I be able to put 3 strings together (each string would have 2 of the gardenspots on it). I would keep the light around 50% or less for brightness if that matters.

So one outlet would run 3 strings (total of 6 gardenspots) would this be too much for the one outlet? Or could I use the other outlet also to put more strings on it?

I don’t remember the rating of the power supply to calculate this out.

But I have 6 strings of lights on 2 power supplies plugged into the same outlet on my front porch using both plugs.

Has anyone tried adding an amp on longer runs.