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Garageio Integration

(Kyle Renzelman) #61

Update: Everything works as it should as long as you do everything from SmartThings or ActionTiles. If you use the physical opener it confuses AT and the status gets stuck and doesn’t update. I’m reaching out to AT to find out why it’s not updating correctly based on the info from ST. The contact sensor shows the correct status, so I’m not sure why the Garage Controller isn’t.

(Brandon) #62

Pull the latest from my repo again. I didn’t apply the previous fix to polling. I think it should be good for you now.

Edit: Just tested in the daylight when I won’t wake up kids and it looks good.

(Kyle Renzelman) #63

@bmmiller - Sorry for the delay in response. I applied the latest update and have tested. It now polls correctly and updates as it should. Thanks!

(Brandon) #64

Not sure who uses this anymore except me but I pushed a small update today removing the deprecated GarageDoorControl and cleaning things up. Namely, removing all of the hokey code in there treating it like a switch, etc. It’s possible someone using an old SmartApp or integration not correctly set up to use Door Control and Door Control only might experience issues.

I expect things like SmartTiles and other Dashboards to work just fine.

Let me know if anyone has any issues with the new device.

The smartapp did not get an update, just the device.

(Rdrivas123) #65

@bmmiller i was using this up until this morning, i have moved away from SmartThings and am using Hubitat instead.
Any way to get this to work with that platform?

(Brandon) #66

Since I don’t have Hubitat, that’d be pretty difficult.

(Rdrivas123) #67

Thanks, the app imports (Garage Service Manager), it prompts for authentication, which it accepts, but when it asks you to select devices none are shown.

That seems to be my only hang up.

(Brandon) #68

Sorry, I don’t have it, have never used it, and can’t provide support for it.

(Brandon) #69

You only mentioned importing the service manager (SmartApp). Remember, you have to import the child device type (DTH) as well.

(Brandon) #72

@freeluv Does that mean you figured it out? The link changed but I’m unable to update the first post any more since it’s been so long.


I did thank you. But now I’m not seeing it in my smart apps in smartthings. I added the handler and the smart app but its not showing up in the app

(Brandon) #74

Did you publish it? Nothing I can do to control it not showing up. Close and re-open the app to make sure it flushes whatever you have cached on your device?