Garage Lights

I have been looking for a better light in my garage. I have raynor garage door openers ( lift master) and the remote lights that come with the door opener. They are a bit cheesy but do a good enough job to light the way when exiting and entering the car. This light is not good enough to do work under so I decided to buy a bigasslight ( yes these are just like the bigassfans. They are overpriced for the most part but put out nice light to work under. Today the lights are hooked to a zigbee switch that allows on and off. Currently I have three of these one for each High garage bay on one switch.

Now as I start to clean up my automation I was looking of a way to dimm the units and have them light up when the car drives in. The good news is that when I installed them I noticed an extra low voltage wire. The lights I got from the company had a EUC-150SxxxDT ballast in them which has 1 to 10 volt dimming. I can not say if they will continue to do this but it made for an easy modification I could not refuse.

After looking at the spec sheet I found that I had to run both 1-10 volt as well as a relay. I ran across this device LCM-1C09-ZB from EuControls. I tried just 1 to 10 volt to see if it might just work with easy 1-10 volt switching and found it did not work so I had to switch to this part. The good news is that the model with the relay has a power supply in it making it easier to install.

To get them working in smartthings I had to add the fingerprint. To do this I used the mobile app and added a device which showed up as a thing. Since its fingerprint matched that of a dimmer and an switch I thought I would try and build a device handler from the fingerprint. When I did this it picked the zigbee dimmer. Because it did this I figured I would check it in and put in a request to get it added for everyone. I am not great at using the git integration but I think I make the request correctly so we will see if it ends up in the standard build.

So where I am at is waiting for the new three devices. I have a feeling I will have to hack a driver to get it to incorporate both dimmer and switch. I am hoping the company throght about that and it works out of the box.

With testing the current 1-10 volt dimmer works great after I added the fingerprint dropped and re-added the device to get proper bindings (did not work when I switched from thing to dimmer on back end). I think it has to do with the 0101 device ID and messaging to the device on dim levels.

If this works out I will be able to have 1 wall switch ( not hooked to any of the lights/maybe one day I can find the a inwall zigbee scene switch) this will turn on or off all three lights with some basic switch automation. But when you enter the garage the light will run 10 percent for easy exit and entry to car and house based on the garage port you drove into it.

I will keep you updated on the progress.


OK so here is an update. LCM-1C09-ZB EU controller worked flawlessly with the ZigBee Dimmer Power device handler. It was missing the fingerprint again and I will get around to adding it to the device and submitting it for code update on git. This said I have only tested that it works when addressing it from the IOS app. Next I plan on doing a full integration test with my zigbee dimmer switch to see if I can get this to work. I have several more tests that I will do over the month and report back. So far so good on the controller. Note the driver in the bigassfan light maybe goes to 30% of maxim at the lowest setting but for these lights it is better then full brightness which is too bright even for my garage.

I am interested in this build as well. I am looking at UFO High Bay LED lights for an open metal building and initially thought I would have to build a custom solution. Was the integration pretty seamless using the Zigbee dimmer? What additional did you have to do? Thanks

So the trick is you have to have a led ballast that has 1-10 or 0-10 volts on it. If you have this it is a piece of cake and all you have to do is add the control I listed above. I have not gotten around to doing a full write up but they work good.
LED UFO GEN2 does have 0-10v dimming. The only other thing you have to watch is power drawn. A 1-10 dimmer system will have a switch portion that turns the 110 power off and on. These dimmer packs can handle 9 amps. LCM-1C20-ZB can handle 20 amps. Here is the link to the controllers. Your unit says 0-10v. It is possible that you can buy LCM-LV-ZB that does not have capability to switch 110v but I would call the vendor and see if the 0 on the 0-10v is off or it requires a 110v switch as well. They usually do.