Garage Light and Auto On/Off

I would like to have my garage light (hanging LED shop light plugged into an outlet) turn on and off when someone is in the garage. I think the best way to handle this is get a motion detector and a zwave outlet? Seems expensive and was wondering if anyone else had any ideas?

Got a link to the light?

How about a smart wifi wireless lamp control module, like this? and then plug your LED shop light into the module

So the light is existing and already in my garage. I want to be able to have it turn on and off when someone enters the garage.

Seems like converting the outlet to a zwave and installing a motion sensor is expensive and was wondering if there was another way

Does the light have a transformer that takes it from mains voltage to 12/24V DC?

I am not sure. Here is the light:’-Linkable-LED-Shop-Light-with-Pull-Chain%2C-2-pack.product.100284402.html

So the transformer will sit in side the light case and as you say you will need to use an outlet of some description.

Cheapest option for you is probably a cheap motion sensor, search for Xaiomi smart human body sensor. They’re cheap and there’s an excellent community written device handler and some good feedback on how they operate. DTH was written by @a4refillpad

You can then use a WiFi switch (Search Sonoff) to turn the lights on and off. DTH and firmware flashing instructions written by @erocm1231

Not sure where you are but if you;re in the states the whole solution should cost less than 20 USD.

You can then use smartlighting to turn the lights based on motion.