Garage door timing g

I know smartthings will send a notification when my garage door is closed, but what I would like to know is when the garage door actually starts to close.Any ideas?

What type/brand of garage door sensor do you have?

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I dont remember off hand, it’s a basic one, maybe called linear?

Are you talking about this?

Or a SmartThings item like this?

Second one

So you are asking about the GoControl Linear Garage Door Opener (GD00Z-4)? If so, I do not have one and will have to bow out to others who have more familiarity.

New app, add automation > custom automation

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An idea potentially to evaluate is using a multi sensor’s acceleration as an alert when the door begins to move.

Sorry, where is the new automation located at?

That might work…

tap the + in the upper right of the home screen and choose Add Automation

Found it, thanks for the help

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Unfortunately none the device handlers will allow me to use the Acceleration sensor.

Look for “notify me when” app I use it in the classic app.

Tried that but the garage door doesnt show up in the Acceleration option.

Can you put a contact sensor that is active only when the door is fully open? Then use the condition of it turning off as a trigger the door is moving to the closed position?

No different that detecting a door or window changed from closed to open. Your just going from open to close?

One at each position and you should know if it’s open, or closed, or in between (neither one on)

Sentrol Track Mount Model 2315 Garage Door Switch. It’s a simple magnetic switch. It’ll tell you as soon as the door has moved about 6 inches. You can mount the magnet offset on the door so it’ll tell you as soon as the door has moved a couple of inches.

Connect the garage door switch to an Aeotec Window & Door Switch 7 with dry contacts. You’ll have to look up the special device handler on the Aeotec site.

It would be the multi sensor that is applied to the garage door that you would use for the acceleration notification. … not the garage

The add acceleration to notify you when it starts to move.

I am curious why you need notification on movement?