Garage Door Status stuck in garage-closed


The “currentStatus” of a garage door (Contact sensor set to “garage” mode) seems to be stuck in garage-closed. Events work properly and have the right status (open, closed), but the persisted status seems to be off.
I included below my very simple test smart app and its results, showing the issue:

name: “Garage Door Troubleshooter”,
namespace: “aburst42”,
author: “aburst42”,
description: “Checks events received from garage door.”,
category: “Convenience”,
pausable: false,
iconUrl: “”,
iconX2Url: “

preferences {
section(“What to control”) {
input(name: “garageDoorSensor”, type: “capability.contactSensor”, title: “Garage Door Sensor”, description: null, multiple: false, required: true, submitOnChange: true)

preferences {

def installed() {

def updated() {

def garageDoorSensorSubscribe() {
subscribe(garageDoorSensor, “contact”, statusChangeHandler);

def statusChangeHandler(event) {
log.debug("[garage event status] {}:{event.value}")
log.debug("[garage current status] ${garageDoorSensor.currentStatus}")

sendPush("[garage event status] ${}:${event.value}")
sendPush("[garage current status] ${garageDoorSensor.currentStatus}")


2020-04-22 6:09:38.250 PM PDT - [garage current status] garage-closed
2020-04-22 6:09:38.228 PM PDT - [garage event status] contact:closed
2020-04-22 6:07:21.908 PM PDT - [garage current status] garage-closed
2020-04-22 6:07:21.868 PM PDT - [garage event status] contact:open