Garage Door Setup Help

I have been using the LInear FS20Z-1 Zwave controller with a SmartThings multisensor to control my garage door. Its has been working for long time now, but was wondering if there is a better setup i should have.

I have changed the ST Multi Sensor to a SmartSense Garage Door Multi Sensor and created a Virtual Momentary Switch that trigers the Linear device.

is this the best route to go?

A real viable solution is the GoControl/Linear Garage Door Opener. Provides all the necessary safety functions that simple switching like the FS20Z-1 does not provide for like audible sound and built-in light flashing indications before closing or opening the door which is required for UL Listing I believe. It also show total status of door closing or opening as well as open close from the tilt sensor, etc. I just picked one up on sale at my Lowe’s for $59 this week. Iris Garage Door Controller

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See this thread for ideas around the Linear GD00Z-4 or GoControl openers:

As @dalec said, it’s one of the best all in one solutions in the market that compliant with the standards. This is unless you’re planning to replace a entire unit with something like a MyQ from Liftmaster/Chamberlain

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