Garage Door opening on its own

I have my garage doors hooked up to the Iris controller/tilt sensor. Over the last several weeks they have been opening on their own from time to time with no user or activity interaction. Nothing else in my setup does this. I’ve tried various things to troubleshoot but I have no idea what’s going on. If my hub loses connectivity, from a router or cable modem restart, it seems that this causes the door to open, but I don’t think my connection is dropping intermittently.

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Sounds like you may have an automation or smartapp send a command. If you can’t find it, exclude the device and pair it again and it’ll disconnect them from any apps and automations.
Are you using any custom device handlers or apps?

It was happening to me too. Garage door would open 2-3 minutes after I leave the house, but not everytime, more like once in 2-3 weeks. It was reporting as Garage was opened by device itself from Smartthings. Only Automation was RBoys’ Garage Door Manager, however it was using Life360 presence (250ft radius).
This @RBoy app worked flawlessly for many years.
As that was happening, some other users were reporting Life360 issue with “Bubble”, new feature of Life360, that would place your location randomly within 1 mile radius. That was placing me once in a while back home as i was still close enough to randomly be placed within my 250ft home circle.
I have deleted that Rboys app and created same Automation using native Smartthings Automation, but same things happened couple days later.
All Garage Door Automation for now, as nobody was happy to come home and find Garage door open are deleted.
Hope this helps a little bit. In my opinion it’s not RBoys’ app, that is causing this, it is one of Conditions, in my case Life360 presence.

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Paradoxically, the action that fixed my problem with SmartThings presence was to expand the radius of ST’s geofence. The problem sounds very similar to yours: either my or my wife’s phone would wander outside my original small geofence, thereby setting off all the departure and arrival routines. (Generally in the middle of the night, due to some quirk of GPS orbits.)

Right now, I have my geofence radius set to 300 meters, and I haven’t had a false arrival / departure in a long time, and the arrival automation for locks, lighting etc. works reliably. I should note that I am using @RBoy s lock management and intruder smartapps, though not the garage automation.

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Nice! Also check out this post for which may help understand what affects geofencing location: Phone presence sensor gone rogue? - #5 by RBoy

This is one reason why I will never get a “smart” garage door opener. I don’t want to come home one day to find my garage wide open and all my tools stolen.

You can set a simple notification to notify you if the door is opened using the Automation tool or an app like this: [RELEASE] Door Chimes and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors

You can even set it to close your garage door automatically if it’s opened outside a pre set schedule or mode.