Garage door opener with SSR & z-wave/zigbee plug?

Any one tried this?
Using a z-wave/zigbee plug to trigger a SSR that will bridge the garage door open/close input? Tilt sensor needed as well.

Just for your info. The output of the ssr is also for VAC and it’s variable depending on the input.

I’ve used these SSR’s before, input doesn’t varry the output. I’ve used a dc in ac out one. 5vdc input used to control a 120vac plug. It’s a relay only, no voltage regulation. The input just closes a contact.

So my intent, 120vac ST plug input will close the output contact that will bridge the garage door opener contacts.

There are quite a few SSR out there and they are all for different purpose. The one you link above won’t work with your intend. Why not get a z-wave plug powering a usb charger to control a 5vac relay? It’s easier and safer in my opinion. The problem with cheap SSR is that when the input circuit shorted. It could also short the output.

The SSR didn’t cut it, I’ll eat crow. It will open or close the garage door but won’t do both. Power needs to be cycled via breaker to the garage door opener to get it to change state.

Might try the USB relay route. Never used the USB relays so unsure… anyone know if the below will work? Looking for one that will trigger with just power applied.

I have a Hormann Rollmatic electric garage door. I placed magnetic reed relays top and bottom of the track to sense when it was open, closed, and in between. However, I noticed that when I pushed the button to open and close the door that in fact it was a pulse, and the pulse was a toggle. I built a project around an Electric Imp and not only does it know if the door is up or down, but it can, under command, pulse a relay that pulses the garage door control. The relay just had to be sufficient to toggle 12V. It’s tiny.

My Hormann controller also as a 12V output that I feed into an SSR to operate all the (240V) lights in the garage.

Although I can surf to a control page that the Electric Imp offers up to close/open the garage door, and it reports status changes via (iOS) notifications it is a bit out there in the wilderness, so needs bringing in from the cold into the SmartThings environment. Once I’ve done my thermostat project with Zigbee I’ll probably do the same with the garage door.