Garage door opener that doesn't require another login

I’ve currently got a Chamberlin MyQ, which while it works fine when it works, I’ve decided I don’t like this setup. In particular, I don’t like that I have to maintain yet another login with Chamberlin just for the garage door, and since they are able to mess around with the logins etc I don’t want to have to keep updating when they break things. I just don’t trust them not to try and close up their ecosystem(of 1 device). And they don’t have a widget, which I find both incredibly annoying and incredibly dumb.

Anyway, are there any solutions out there which can work just on bluetooth/wifi that don’t require an Internet connection? I want to be able to have this work without Internet.


@garyd9 should know, but I don’t believe the Linear zwave garage door controller requires a cloud service log in. Nor, I think, does the Telgard. But neither one uses either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. They both just appear as zwave devices to SmartThings, and then you use the smartthings app to control them. So you need the Internet that smartthings needs, but no cloud to cloud service.


If you want it to work without Internet at all, you’d have to go to one of the Z wave options and combine it with Staples connect or Vera, or some other local Z wave controller.


Thanks, I’ll check them out. Even just getting down to only needing the Smart Things hub is an improvement. I’ve come to the conclusion I just don’t like another login just for my garage door opener, and I don’t like the hoops you jump through dealing with Chamberlin. It’s not their core competency (IoT/Internet, any of the techie end of it) and companies that it is a core competency for can’t get it right, I don’t see why they would.

I just installed a Linear GD00Z-4 from Amazon last night. Other than receiving a unit that had already been used by someone else it went very well. I used the device type from @Ron which is a slight modification of @garyd9’s code. I would recommend putting the SmartThings into exclusion mode and hitting the botton on the side of the linear unit once. Then add it by putting the SmartThings hub into discovery mode and hitting the botton on the side of the linear unit once again.

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Use a combination of the Smartthings hub, Smartthings multi sensor and the Evolve Z-Wave LFM-20. Still requires internet though.

If anyone is searching I now have a brand new, sealed in factory box, Linear GD00Z-4. Mine has been working flawlessly. $70 shipped.

Thanks! For me, use of the internet isn’t the issue that bothers me. It’s having to have yet another login, with Charmberlin, just for my garage door. IoT is slowly turning into Internet of Logins as everyone decides there is money there and wants to become the central place for it and decides you should login to their service and be dependent on them for it to work.

If I could get a setup where my server had Z-wave, Bluetooth, and Zigbee transceivers, and a nice management stack on top with extensibility, that only ran on my local machines, I’d be super happy.

The dream that the only stuff I have to login to is mine, and the only person I have to trust with my info is me. As time goes on, I don’t like trusting that my information will be well secured by a company whose core business is the manufacture and sale of garage doors.

I hate to do this here but have no choice… Have done several transactions with forum members before and never had an issue. Just didn’t want this to repeat for someone else like me…

Anyway, as described in the above post by @3one5 I reached out to him about the the garage door sensor and paid for it using PayPal by gifting money (trusted too much)!! Since then I have lost touch with @3one5, it’s been 20 days now since I paid… Pray to god that he is OK but he has been logging into the forum until about a week ago but was just ignoring my messages, so at least there is that to tell that he had the means to be online… Single message was sent out after receiving payment that it will be shipped out soon but nothing since then…

I am not sure what’s going on here, and I would feel really bad if the item does finally make it… But if I don’t bring this up and someone else falls for this that would be the same!! So moral of the story don’t use PayPal gift option unless you know them personally…

@rag1998 You have every right to be upset. I went and checked and found the package buried in the mail room. I can either send it out to you via USPS priority today and return 1/2 of your funds or shoot you a full refund.

I apologize for the lack of response. I’ve found that your emails to me were being caught up in my spam filter.

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Glad to get in touch and thanks for the offer, it will be great if you can priority it over, no need for any refunds…

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