Garage Door Opener Relay Smartapp

I am sorry if this has been covered before I have been searching the internet for days and trying to make my own smartapps to make this work and I seem to be doing something wrong every time

I am looking for a Smartapp to allow me to turn a smart outlet on for like 3-5 seconds to trigger a relay to open or close my garage door. no matter what i have found on here, i try to write the code, and it wont work, so im really looking for some help here, id love to be able to get my garage doors working from smartthings but i feel i can do it cheaper then the 90 dollars for the GoControl, ( and i have 2 garage doors I want to control) any help would be greatly apprecaited

I have tried modifying the Power Allowance code to work with seconds, instead of minutes and it does not seem to work.

If you want to control this with a presence sensor then this app will do it:

Just select Door control for the actions and you can select how many seconds you need the switch/plug/whatever held on for.

If you just want to control it with a virtual switch then it shouldn’t be hard to create a smartapp to do this

I want to be able to control the door to open/close from my phone when ever I want and I also want to program it so when I leave it closes and when I come home it opens.

Basically if it helps what im looking for, I want to do this

I would do a couple of things.

  1. Create a virtual presence sensor (using the correct dth you can also use it as a switch)

  2. Use Presence Central to turn the switch (virtual presence sensor) on/off dependant upon your arrival/departure

  3. Use presence Central to control the door/socket/etc when the virtual presence sensor arrives/departs.


I’m sure you could use webcore to do this for you

I am trying to learn here and read a lot but I dont even get how to make a virtual switch. Im currently trying everything on the one smart outlet i have( with a light pluged in)

This is the virtual presence sensor/switch that I use in a few of my automations (also tells you how to create it)

It’s 1:15am here (I’m in the UK) so have a look and I’ll try to answer and questions tomorrow

I appreciate your help, if you have time and are willing please watch the Youtube video i posted above, thats exactly what im going to do for my garage. I just dont know the right code to make it work.

Also after installing your app its giving me an “Unexpected error”

Change the Device Handler to Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch. When you turn on the device it will turn itself back off after a second or two. (if in fact it is a z-wave smart switch)

If it isn’t a z-wave switch then you could use webCoRE to do that.
Maybe even IFTTT, if it turns on, then turn it off. With the lag of the internet it might just last a second or two.

I was going to use a Relay, that was powered by a Zwave plug

I use a Remotec ZFM-80 relay for my garage door. It’s z-wave and I use the Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch so it turns itself off.

I just did a quick test with ifttt and another switch in my house turned off after about 4 seconds.

That is a hard relay to find, mind if i ask how you wired it and such?

Yeah, for some reason it has been hard to find recently. I bought it off Amazon some time ago.

I have it wired to AC input, then the dry contact (Z-Wave controlled output (isolated relay) wired straight to the garage door opener, nothing connected to the external switch. Not my drawing, but exactly how I have it wired:

It’s mounted right next to the opener, zip tied to the support. I used an lamp repair cord to wire it up.

It does not check if the door is open or closed. It is not code in most places. Current code requires that an audio and visual warning fire for 5 seconds before the door moves.

I do use a tilt sensor to see if the door is open or close then activate the relay to move the door. I also have a camera in the garage for extra verification if I think the tilt sensor is lying to me or something.

I am trying to get the relay, for my fireplace, but I may try to get 3 , those they are a tad pricey, I would also use a tilt sensor, and a camera is another idea, i have not researched that yet, ( is there a monthly fee with camera on smart things?)

There are a lot of people using this relay for their fireplace.
The camera I’m using is outside of SmartThings, just a yi home camera. In my opinion video inside of SmartThings is hard and doesn’t work the same for everyone. The cameras that work inside of ST is limited as well. I have a Ring doorbell that will send motion events to ST, but not video. Some of the Arlo cameras will work with ST.