Garage Door Opener Help

I have a Sears Craftsman garage door opener & wonder if this will work with it

Linear GoControl Garage Door Opener
I have read a lot of comments about the opener not working with many openers.
Thanks Mike

Hi @siam, you’re going to need provide a little more info. Do you have a model number?

Model number 54985. Reading that Sears has a security code or something similar built in.

I just got one of those and it’s pretty simple… it comes with some two conductor cable that hangs out of the unit and you just connect to the same terminals as the two conductor cable for your open/close pushbutton.

Thanks, that’s helpful. I looked up the manual for it, and there’s nothing really screaming at me that says you can’t add the GoControl opener. Page 22 does say third party products aren’t compatible, but so did my LiftMaster Elite Series opener and I’ve been using a similar solution for 2 years. In fact, I’m pretty sure they are the same except for branding.

You should have no problem using the GoControl opener. When it’s time to hook up the wires, use the red and white quick connect terminals on the opener’s motor housing (page 22).

Looking at your manual…

Looks like the pushbutton to open and close the door connects to the red and white terminal (page 22) and the send and receive led sensors connect to white and gray (page 27)… The Go Control would connect to the red and white like the pushbutton does…

But then again I am no expert and could be totally wrong… :smiley: