Garage Door *opener* access control

I’m looking to get into the home automation out of the need to solve one issue. I need to be able to disable individual garage door openers via a set schedule. I have a small guest house (or shack if you talk to my wife) and I’ve given out standard after market openers to my kids and various friends. What I’d like to do is disable certain remotes when the house is will be occupied. I’d like the new hardware to keep the current look of the opener (or resemble one) but also have web/smart phone control when needed (hub/z-wave?).

I played around with X10 many years ago but didn’t know that home automation had advanced so much since then!

At the present time there is no hardware I’m aware of that would look like a traditional garage door remote.

However, you could certainly use a zwave fob device as the controller combined with a Linear GD00Z or Telgard or other UL325 listed networkable garage door controller, both communicating to the SmartThings hub and likely get the result you want. Each fob would have its own ID and could have its own schedule.

You could accomplish the same thing with the Aeon minimote instead of the fob, which is cheaper, but might not fit the form factor you want.

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