Garage door -don’t operate if it is already closed when I leave?

I am using a ecolink garage door tilt sensor and evolve lfm20 to control my garage door.

I have a truck that I park in the drive and use most of the time. While I don’t mind the garage opening when I arrive, I don’t want it to “operate” if the garage door is closed when I leave. Tried IFTTT and some of the Smart Apps. If I go out the garage door and drive off everything works perfectly.

Thanks for any help you can muster. :slight_smile:

Not quite sure I follow you. What exactly do you want to happen? I have a bunch of questions to help get us in sync:

  1. If the door is closed when you leave, you don’t want it to open when you return?
  2. Do you have a goodbye or leaving home routine?
  3. Does your “googbye” or “leaving home” routine open your garage door? Or do you open it before you initiate the goodbye? Or is your goodbye by presence?
  4. How are you detecting that you have left?
  5. If you do have the door open when you “leave” is that the only thing that closes the door (you leaving)? Or do you also close it manually?
  6. You say you don’t mind the door opening…what’s the difference between opening and operating?

Have you tried using a magnetic switch? Check to see if the switch is closed and if so skip the closing routine, if the magnetic switch is open then run the close routine.