Garage Door Controller and Camera Integration

Has anybody integrated the use of a garage door controller with a video camera?

I’ve currently got an Arlo Pro mounted high up in the back of my garage looking at the garage door. The Arllo Pro detects motion and provides me with an alert when the garage door is opened or closed (or if there is any motion in the garage). I’ve purchased and am awaiting delivery of (and have therefore not yet installed) a GoControl/Linear Garage Door Opener with Tilt Sensor.

I’m considering moving the Arlo Pro elsewhere on my property and purchasing another camera to give me video monitoring of the garage door - say the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro. I’m looking for some kind of integration where when the garage door opens SmartThings would provide me with an alert and bring me to a video screen where I could see what is happening in the garage. And ideally on the same screen I could choose to close or open the garage door via the GoControl garage door opener.

Asante has such a fully integrated system - doesn’t work with SmartThings but that would have been OK. I tried and would have happily kept the Asante system and would be using it today if it worked reliably. Unfortunately it did not work reliably and I returned it.

Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.