Garage Door Contact Changing Without Movement

I have 2 garage door sensors that have worked flawless for a couple of years. Recently, one of them is reporting that the door is opening and closing when it is not. It first did this a couple of weeks ago at about 5:00 AM. (It sends a notification when the door opens, not good if actually not true). At that time I changed the battery. Nothing since. Today I got the same notification. The Events show the door “Opening” then “Open” followed by 8 minutes later “Closed”. The interesting thing is it never went to “closing”. before it went to “closed”. I expect that is because the door never actually moved, as verified by the security cameras.
I checked the voltage of the battery that was changed just 2 weeks ago and it is still 3V.
Any thoughts on what is going on here?

More details please:

Brand/model of the sensor?
Using stock or custom DTH or Edge Driver?

I have 2 of these. Only 1 is causing the problem.

Linear LLC Model GD00DZ-1
Included Tilt Sensor
Stock DTH

…and again. 12:53 AM. Door never moved an inch. The only common thing is it never changes to “closing”. It just realizes it is already “closed”.

I have a couple Linears as well. I also had the ghost openings. Tried replacing the battery in the tilt sensor as you did. My suspicion is that there was a failure in either the tilt sensor or the unit. I swapped them out.

Thanks Bry.

Based on that, I’m going to try to exclude and include. If that doesn’t fix it, I’ll swap. What did you go with?

Another GoControl. The two I have now have been working flawlessly for quite a while.

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So I went back and looked at the Event Logs in SmartThings. Every single time this happens, the door AND the tilt sensor show “open” at various times. (only once per night)… They show “Opening” and then “Open” at the exact same time. This is the interesting part… Every time this happens, at exactly 8:00:00 minutes later they both show “closed”. Do you think that the time period of exactly 8 minutes and 0 seconds provides a clue?