Garage Door Constantly Opening

Not sure what changed today, but I am halfway across the world and My Garage Door keeps on going to “Opening”, then goes to Closed setting off SHM. This has been repeatedly happening. Needless to say everyone at home is annoyed.

EDIT: Ticket was raised as soon as all the problems started.

Ok, Update, now apparently my front door is opening and closing when it isn’t.

@RBoy is this similar to what you were experiencing?

Spot on. That’s exactly what I’ve been seeing. The platform reports that it opening when it isn’t.

@Aaron I know we have been talking about this. So I know you mentioned that it’s coming from the device according to your logs, here is the thing, the device (linear GDZ-004) doesn’t have the ability to report opening or closing! It ONLY reports Open or Closed.

The device physically does not send or have the ability to send Opening and Closing events. If you click on the garage door button it never send Opening, it only sends Open when door is fully open because the device cannot sense opening, it can only sense Open or Closed through the sensor.
The only time you see “Opening” is when it’s is triggered through the DH as its the DH that sends Openings though the code which is replaced by Open when the device actually senses that it open. I hope that last sentence made sense because it’s the crux of this issue.

So when you eliminate the impossible, no matter how improbable it may sound, what left is the truth.

If the device is incapable of sending an Opening event then it’s has to be coming from within the platform.

Now having said that I do want to point out that this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this. A couple of years ago there was the exact same issue with motion events from sensor and Opening coming from the garage doors and eventually months later it was tracked to a platform issue where messages where being cross applied or badly routed. So this wouldn’t be the first time the platform is generating “phantom” events.


It’s not the first time for me. If you recall it happened about 3 months ago as well. Trying to find the post right now.

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@RBoy @Aaron lots and lots of ghost openings yesterday.