Garage Door combination & delay

I am very new to SmartThings and trying to figure out SmartApps, Webcore.

I’m working with a Konnected board and relay to create a garage door opener. I’ve got the opener to work. And I have a buzzer. And will soon have an open/close sensor installed.

I’d like to do 2 things:

  1. Combine everything the actuator/relay & sensor into one device. So that it I can show it as open/closed and change the status with one button (actiontile)
  2. When Open - I’d like to delay the close command by 30 seconds when which the buzzer would sound to let people know it’s about to close.

What should I use for this? A smartapp? Webcore? ITFFF? Or some combo?

I found a smartapp that combines relay and sensor but doesn’t incorpate the delay as far as I can see.
Thank for help in advance.

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If that SmartApp (and whatever associated DTHs) works reliably, then I recommend it as a good place to just add a delay via runIn() to a callback method.

It’s a relatively trivial modification; but I wouldn’t attempt it except as an incremental change.