Garage Door App Request

All - I’m sure this not incredibly difficult but outside my expertise. I have the relay switch for closing my garage which works fine. However, I would really like to add a few more features to the open/close. Some for conveinence and some for safety:

Each time the garage door is open and remotely closed via the app, do these 2 things

  1. check to ensure there is no motion in garage (will put a motion sensor in garage)
  2. approx 20 seconds before closing (configureable) allow for Sonos to play a sound, such as one of the stock alarm sounds, etc. That way we can be sure if there is anyone near the garage door, that they can hear the door will be closing.

Happy to help test out, etc if any smart developer can put this together. Thanks

Sounds like you’re replicating the $89 GD00z-4 controller:

It beeps on open/close. Not sure the motion sensor is going to work out, but it’s an interesting idea. You won’t be able to close the door (for example) until everyone leaves the garage after they’ve pulled a car in.

Thought the exact same thing as schettj. The linear (or whatever the company is called now) garage door controller both beeps and flashes a light before triggering the garage door. I don’t have motion sensing in the garage, but I’m ok with relying on the laser eye to stop the door if anyone/anything is in the path.

Those are great ideas but I do have two garage doors and already have the evolve relays installed. Just want an app that can do those things taking advantage of equipment I already have (and yes I have a Play 1 in my garage!)