Garage door and opener advice

Had to chuckle. Thinking complete instead :grin:

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Thank you - so kind! I didn’t see that message, but I did find the full set of instructions that included a link to a recommended sensor, so I think I 'll just buy that one,

If the ST multisensor definitely works, I’d get that, but I feel like some threads I saw seemed to suggest potential problems with it??

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Different results for different people. Sometimes it’s a guessing game as to what works better in your environment.

But that’s a great choice as well. You just don’t get temperature on that device. If you don’t care about that, then this is superb from what others have said.

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THANK YOU again for all the help!

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My new garage door and opener have been installed. And, I mounted the tilt sensor. I’m working on getting things integrated with ST. I’m following the “manual installation directions” on this page.

I’m thinking I do the device handler for sensor installation and then the smart app (but not the other things). Hopefully that is correct. So far, even though I see that I successfully added those things when I’m logged in on the PC, the SmartApp isn’t viewable on my phone app under “My Apps,” so I’m stuck for now…

UPDATE A wonderful person on another thread let me know I logged into the wrong “shard” and when i used this link it worked correctly… Update:
The URL: https://account.smartthings.com2.2k should take you to your correct Shard automatically as of July 2017.

UPDATE2: Well, it’s all working now. How fun! Thanks for all the resources on these boards.

How did you set up the reminders if the door is left open? I forget frequently when coming inside with baby and other things in my hands. I think it is driving my husband crazy.

Here you go.


Really? A screenshot? That’s pretty messed up.

SHM custom lets you set a time based notification of a sensor left open

I always have put an Arlo/arlo Q (with UPS) to guarantee the doors are closed - nothing like video. The cable modem, failover router, vz hotspot, arlo base and ST are UPSed. Can’t find any UPS technology to run a garage door.

You do know that with that screen shot, you can use the import code and that Piston will populate in your webCoRE Dashboard and from there it’s just a matter of editing?

Yeah, it works great this way. You get to see it visually then get a copy.
Create a new piston from a backup code then put in s0pra and you’ll get a copy of his piston.

Thanks for sharing!

This topic is 11 months old. But I just need a quick answer if possible. Does anyone know if Overhead Garage Door are supported by SmartThings? That is what I have. I did have a Hub by Clare Controls which was working with Overhead. But that Hub died and, for various reasons, I’ve replaced it with SmartThings 2018. Am very happy with it except for integrating my garage doors. Thanks for any responses and/or suggestions.

It depends on brand etc. I have a standard rollerdoor and a fibro double relay connected to the controllers remote open/close button connection. And a contact sensor to know if the door is open or closed