Garage Close Fail Notify?

New to ST but am having fun with it so far. I have my Garage door currently setup to close at a certain time as well as if both me and my wife leave and forget to close it. A little background… We use our garage as the main entry point, all our family and friends know to come in through the garage so it stays open almost all day and evening. Ok back to the setup, I have the garage door set to close if we are both away from the house and forget to close it as well as closing late at night in case we forget to close it. My question is this, is there a way to be notified if the door fails to close?

This is relatively easy using webCoRE.

There is a little bit of a learning curve when you start, but it’s so worth it.


For when you are both out of the house you could also use a routine to Arm Smart Home Monitor. If the garage door is left open when SHM gets armed you’ll get a notification.

There is also a smart app called Left it open in the IDE that will send you notifications if you leave something open for more than a certain amount of time.

You can use CoRE or WebCoRE to setup a rule to check and notify if something was left open.

The other option is if you have access to RBoy Apps, this app was written for this purpose to notify if things are left open (SmartThings as a platform isn’t perfect and things tend to get left out or routines timeout) and then close them for you. You can even give it an option to wait for a while before checking giving the platform time to complete it’s stuff.