Gaining access to component peripherals attached to a Tasmota device

I have a reed switch attached to a Sonoff relay. The relay works great via smartthings (ST), but ST isn’t able to see the reed switch (via the tasmota (connect). How can I get ST to see the reed switch?

The setup is a [Sonoff 1ch Inching Relay] (PSF-B01) that I’m integrating with a gate opener (Mighty Mule) to add a keypad (XHK1) for [programmable (via rboyapps-dot-com) coded entry, auto close timer (that’s longer than the 0-3 minutes available out of the box), and some other automations. I’ve wired a reed switch to GPIO14. Much of what I did was following the good work here.

Everything is grand in the console and I’ve got the proper delay on the relay to trick the gate control board into thinking it’s a legit button. The physical button on the Sonoff board and soft button in the ST app work flawlessly (via tasmota (connect) smartapp).

I cannot see the reed switch in ST. How can I see the reed switch in ST?

The module configuration is setup as:

1 Channel (12) // this is what the template indicates for this board
GPIO14 - Switch - 6

Console commands issued:

switchmode 3
pulsetime1 5

(why are there 8 pulse timers on a template for a single channel device? I also set all 8 pulsetime to 5, just in case)

All of these settings are confirmed in the console:

07:33:05.014 RSL: tele/tasmota_0FB918/INFO1 = {“Module”:“1 Channel”,“Version”:“9.3.1(tasmota)”,“FallbackTopic”:“cmnd/DVES_0FB918_fb/”,“GroupTopic”:“cmnd/tasmotas/”}
07:53:53.130 CMD: gpio
07:53:53.136 RSL: stat/tasmota_0FB918/RESULT = {“GPIO1”:{“0”:“None”},“GPIO2”:{“0”:“None”},“GPIO3”:{“0”:“None”},“GPIO4”:{“0”:“None”},“GPIO14”:{“165”:“Switch6”}}
07:55:47.350 CMD: pulsetime
07:55:47.356 RSL: stat/tasmota_0FB918/RESULT = {“PulseTime1”:{“Set”:5,“Remaining”:0},“PulseTime2”:{“Set”:5,“Remaining”:0},“PulseTime3”:{“Set”:5,“Remaining”:0},“PulseTime4”:{“Set”:5,“Remaining”:0},“PulseTime5”:{“Set”:5,“Remaining”:0},“PulseTime6”:{“Set”:5,“Remaining”:0},“PulseTime7”:{“Set”:5,“Remaining”:0},“PulseTime8”:{“Set”:5,“Remaining”:0}}
07:56:17.099 CMD: switchmode
07:56:17.103 RSL: stat/tasmota_0FB918/RESULT = {“SwitchMode1”:3}