FYI: Zipato Smart Water Leakage Sensor DH

In order to use this ZigBee sensor with SmartThings, use the Device Handler (DH) for Nortek Water Leak Senzor.

Isn’t the Nortek water leak sensor the same as their gocontrol FZ001? That’s a Z wave device, not a zigbee device,

But then, Zipato does have a Z wave leak detector. So perhaps that’s where the confusion lies?

It’s the Z wave Zipato sensor, then the Nortek DTH should be fine. :sunglasses:

If it’s some new zigbee sensor from Zipato, the Nortek DTH won’t work. :umbrella:

I don’t know. I was searching for a DH that works and that works with this ZigBee one.

Ok, that helps. Zipato does indeed make two versions: a zwave version with -z at the end of the model number, and a zigbee version with –m at the end of the model number. They both have the same name, which is annoying. :rage:

That said, I’d be really surprised if a zwave DTH would work with a zigbee device. But you tried it and it’s working?

I would also look at the device itself, not just the box, just in case they made a mistake and put the zwave version in the zigbee box. Apparently they use the same case so they look just alike.

I don’t know how to check the Nortek DH if is a Z-Wave DH, because is not at templates. But for sure is working with this ZigBee sensor. I attached the proofs bellow.

As long as it’s working, that’s good. Also good to know there are two different protocols available for this device. :sunglasses:

Do you know how to check the DH code for Nortek? I don’t see it at DH templates…Maybe it is a ZigBee DH. That’s why is working.

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