FYI: Samsung TV Volume Issue

All - There is a little bit of developing activity related to something Samsung did which disabled the volume buttons on some of their TVs…

Symptom: Press either volume up or down and nothing happens. The symptom may occur a few minutes after you turn your TV on or as soon as you do, it’s weird. Sometimes mine works until I go into netflix and then it stops.

This thread has seen over 37K views, all likely in the last couple days even though it was created in April. All posts beyond the first few on the first page are from yesterday or today.

Someone from Samsung is in the thread and said that “HQ” knows about it.

I have 5 Samsung Smart TVs and of the 5, 3 are impacted.

Short term work around, press menu and adjust the volume buttons while the menu is on the screen. It will soon stop working again. Sometimes 30 seconds, sometimes 15 minutes.

My guess is that this has not impacted everyone, but I figured I’d post it here so you guys don’t waste your time trying to figure out what is going on…


Thanks for sharing. I have 3 and haven’t noticed it yet but good to know before I start pulling my hair out trying to figure it out.

It’s not exactly clear what caused it because it is a bunch of different TVs with different release years and different firmware versions. The thread is now over 41K views.

If your TVs menu is integrated in the to the SmartHub of the TV you might encounter the problem, is my guess. It seems that the software the runs the SmartHub is rollout automatically and is separate from the TVs firmware. I think they stopped the update as issues started coming in. I hope they fix this soon.