Full home Automation, Newbie, Renovation..HELP please


The following thread ( this is a clickable link) should answer most of your questions about lighting:

Since you are an electrician, I would add that you will probably have the most options for both lighting and outlets if you use one of the in wall micro relays. Fibaro are particularly popular because they have some additional features, but the Aeon are also good. The Aeon come in three versions: regular on/off relay, dimmer, and motor control. Fibaro also has a dual relay. So these can be wired for either switches or outlets and let you have pretty much whatever aesthetics you want for the visible portion. It is good if you have a deep Patress box.

Alternatively, you will have many more device options if there is a neutral available. This is because most zwave switch control devices use the neutral to power the Z wave radio inside the device so that it can hear the next “on” command from the network even though the switch is in “off” status. Lightwave RF does not require a neutral at the switch, which is one reason it’s so popular. But as you mentioned, integration can get complicated.

the Fibaro 212 Inwall micro does not require a neutral, one reason for its popularity. The other in wall micros generally do require a neutral, but they can be placed anywhere on the circuit where there is a neutral, including the ceiling Rose, they don’t have to be placed at the light switch itself. So the micros generally do give you the most options.