Frustrated by the state of things

Same here! 20 chars!

Same here, but after a few tricks:

  1. No dimming if turning on a mix of on/off switches and dimmers.

  2. No 3rd party API devices

  3. Not all of my devices into one routine

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Do you use SHM with routines disassociated with modes?

Yes, I do. I use SHM without modes.

Do you have problems with false alarms?

Not false alarms. Arming and disarming thru arrival sensors and phones I’m also using iris keypad if arrival sensors fail or phone batters die.

I just deleted and re-added new routines with mode change and they work fine… they work fine for awhile then fail.
also, this would not explain why the always work fine when fired manually.

Guys, are things working for you?

Things gone for a toss for me all over the place.

. Routines triggered but half the actions didn’t happen including a routine which turns on a single zwave switch,

You should check the logs, if you know where to look. I’ve seen ridiculous execution times, well beyond the 20 second limit. What happens if you hit that is that somethings happen, and some don’t happen.

Good prophylactic steps are:

Delete any Routine or App that is missing schedules or anything else, and recreate them from scratch.
Move any scheduled things away from hour/half-hour scheduled times, and away from sunset / sunrise.

These steps seem to help. Not perfect, but when it’s a s*** storm, anything helps.

Same here! Will check the logs! I have seen crazy execution times as well.

I just don’t understand why we should have to continue to delete and recreate published and marketed functionality as a workaround to shotty workmanship. At what point do we say no more? To see posts saying stay away from this feature or that one just to get by is just perpetuating the problem. SmartThings has failed to live up to their commitments to their customers. If this were apple, there would be a class action lawsuit, ford or gmc, a massive recall and class action lawsuit. Post after post talking about how the most basic of features are simply failing. When do we get the product and features we paid for?


I think the 20 seconds rule is now 10…

Looks like I have to split my routines. :frowning:

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You should only do those sort of things if you want more reliability from you ST system. There is no justification of anything involved in telling you that. Would you prefer that we don’t tell people these little tips?

What we post here has pretty much no influence on what SmartThings decides to do. You can say they have failed to live up to something, but at the risk of being redundant, how much do you pay each month for their service? Makes it awkward to complain, doesn’t it? Or not, but complaining won’t get any of us anywhere. :grinning:

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I disagree.

SmartThings still receives nothing but good reviews in the Press. So what are we experiencing that the professional reviewer does not? If these are serious issues then the only way that SmartThings is going to fix them is if it hurting their bottom line. Since there are no monthly fees, that means that new Customers need to be discouraged from purchasing it. That is not something that should be done unless we feel that new Customers are going to have an unpleasant experience. Are they?

That’s called effective PR. They have good PR and marketing people. Why would you expect the “Press” to report anything but what the company feeds them. “professional reviewer”, my a$$! Who among them is going to replace dimmers and switches and install custom smartapps and really have a clue? Zip Nada Zilch…:grinning:


Excuse me, but what service are you talking about? As far as I’m concerned, I’ve paid for the home automation device, not service. It was their decision to use cloud service to implement certain device functionality, not mine. A customer has all rights to demand that the device they sell operates according to its advertised specifications. Just my opinion, of course.


Same here. None of my simple timed automations fired today. I’ve been looking at my Staples Connect hub thinking seriously about re-connecting for a little while.

That’s what Amazon reviews are for. :wink:


And Google Play, and Best Buy and …look how recent reviews are working. They are holding their rank by older reviews, but as more people get on board, those high star ratings will dissipate.

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