Frustrated by the state of things

Did they explicitly state calendar year?
When does the SmartThings fiscal year end?


the thing is the hardware is actually very solid. I am impressed with the hub bot the V1 and V2 have very solid designs.

It’s the firmware and the server software that is the failure. and it’s all because they want to trade system complexity for user simplicity in programming. And you really can not do that in Home Automation because everyone needs something different.


I agree. I believe that user simplicity should be sacrificed for firmware reliability and OUTSTANDING system documentation.


No trade needed. I believe the current system could be made reliable with work and no user sacrifice.

Two failures in the last two days.

  1. Yesterday garage door was left open overnight but ST never reported that it was left open. I have it configured to report if left open for more than 30min which used to work fine.
  2. Heat failed to turn off on schedule again this morning.

I really don’t know what to do with this thing anymore. It really only works as a manual control of devices from phone and as a device to check status of things manually. Reporting of condition and taking actions automatically is random at best. So sad because before they rolled out the “New improved v2” everything worked fine.

I deleted the smart app which was configured to alert when the door was left open and now I can’t find it again to reinstall. Does anyone know where they moved this door left open notification smart app ?

It might be gone. You can use Rule Machine to do it, with a simple trigger.

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Thanks, I will check it out. I think I might just write my own. I don’t want a complicated app that tries to do everything. That was what I originally loved about ST V1, every thing I wanted to do was done in a simple to install single purpose smart app which I could easily understand and easily tweak the code if I wanted slightly different behavior. The new apps are attempting to do everything and I think that is a huge mistake.

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Then you definitely won’t like Rule Machine, as it will do a great many things, reliably. :grinning:


LOL, were is the fun in reliable :slight_smile: OK maybe I should try it.

This (“alert when door left open”) function was (also?) a feature of the original Dashboard Solution SmartApps that were no longer installable when App V2 was released. Mine is still running, since I am on Hub V1 and have never uninstalled it yet.

Shame this basic rug was pulled out from under us, even if there are many ways to cover the same floor.

I am so pissed that I deleted it today, it was early and I didn’t have any coffee yet :frowning:

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Is this the “Notify Me When” app?

I think it still exists.

Isn’t it amazing how quickly we “adapt” to new ways of doing things? I think our flexibility is what keeps us going with ST :slight_smile: It used to be this easy (check these pics):

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I don’t think so. That only notifies for “Departure of”, “Smoke Detected”, “Water sensor wet”

Are you implying that the issue is that I am not adapting ? I think that is rude.

I would gladly adapt if things worked. Given that the app he pointed out was wrong it seems and you thought he was right also it seems perhaps you have not adapted yet either.

Hey Ron, a custom instance of SHM is pretty seamless to set up…That’s what I use…

No, no, I was implying that Brian forgot how easy the dashboard used to work…

Afterthought, it may get more PIA to set up if your garage door is not recognized as a “garage door”. Been there. cursed that :slight_smile: But got it working.

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OK, glad I asked :smile:

SHM isn’t working, there is a thread about that. Do you use it to monitor a garage door ?

If so how do you configure to notify you if left open for X min ?
I tried

  1. custom
  2. open/close sensor
  3. select garage door
    4 ) What do you want to monitor
    open - yes
    close - yes
    For how long (minutes) - What does his mean ?

What I used to have was
when door left open for x min report every y min

So if I left the door open for more than 5 minutes I would get a notification and then another every 30min until I closed it.

BTW: why can’t they bring back the dashboard as an optional thing that we can use if we like it. I still have it because I never deleted it but it only works for devices I already had configured. So I am losing it when I need to re-install a device (lost on light switch because of this) and I stupidly deleted the garage monitor today and can not not get it back. But since it was working it means they just need to give us access to the code again.

For how long is actually “after how many minutes”. Hmmm, you can’t set up reminders to notify you every y min… :frowning:

Which isn’ really what I want (or already had). I think I just need to write the smart app. It is relatively easy except for the fact that I need to schedule events to make it work and we all know how wonderfully scheduled events work with ST :frowning:

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That’s the million dollar question I’m sure I asked immediately upon hearing these old Dashboard Solution SmartApps were deprecated without warning (and thus completely unavailable to folks who migrate to Hub V2 or inadvertently delete).

The answer is stubborn myopia. They wanted to clear the way for new Dashboard Solutions and CEO Alex Hawkinson himself said that he’s so glad he had the privilege of migrating his 200+ devices and be forced to totally clean up his Account to take advantage of the new way of doing things with SHM and Smart Lighting; nb: I’m only adding about 10% sarcasm in that paraphrase – ie, he didn’t say “privilege”, but he meant it.

EDIT: Let me be 100% clear: My description of “stubborn myopia” is meant objectively; I’m not making a positive or negative judgement.

Many great tech CEOs (Apple, Uber, Oracle, …) are viewed critically by insiders and outsiders; but the long term results are all that matter.

Yup… Thanks to @SBDOBRESCU, we can quote:

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