Frustrated by the state of things

You have hit the nail on the head there, Brian. Here’s my take on it. If ST is going to use the “openness” of the system as a selling point, they can’t turn around and dismiss (or send tickets to the “low priority black hole”) simply because something is not on the official “Works With SmartThings” list. OTOH, users of the custom handlers/smartapps should not become part of the problem by stubbornly washing their hands of all responsibility, and insisting ST “fix it” (yesterday). IMO, if a person is savvy enough to write and/or install the custom stuff, they should be responsible enough to routinely check up on it and verify that nothing bad or odd is happening. Likewise, when they open the inevitable trouble ticket, they need to be involved as part of the solution. That said, I think it’s perfectly reasonable (though not preferable) for Support to ask any of us to temporarily use the “off the shelf” stuff as a troubleshooting aid.

And I do like your idea debugging-type Smartapps.

Well I’m also in the centurion+ club, and will likely exceed 200 by year end, and have at least 30 Smart Light instances, and my automations are also working, and aside from the occasional “I forgot the state of things” farting noises that emanate from my hub after a platform update or a failed node, or whatever the heck graph is puttering about with in the background, I’m good.
What’s not good for me, and hasn’t been since V2 app, is just that, the V2 app crashing. I’ve since migrated to a Note 5 and an S2 tab, and while these crash and recover quicker, the crashes are only slightly less frequent than they were on my Droid maxx…
But also, My setup doesn’t relay any of the features that have been notably broken recently, dimmer levels, flapping time zones, calendar scheduling…

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This is too funny!! Mesh density is a valid point, it helps.

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Custom device types really have nothing to do with eevents not firing
correctly in the back end. Most of the bugs seem to be back end server issues.

Being in the centurion club has nothing to do with how things work. You could have 2 or 200 things but if you stumble into issues like we have seen in the past 3 weeks, you feel it the same way.

I am too in that club, and it didn’t feel well when some of my lights didn’t turn on when the motion was active. @Mr_Lucky and @bridaus, the problems are not with custom apps and devices.

They are actually more reliable than official apps in many aspects. When my lights didn’t come on when motion was active, was the Smart Light that had an issue. When I want to dim my lights, I use a custom app for that. If I don’t want my lights to turn off while I am still moving around, I use a custom app for that. When I want to open my garage door, I use a custom app for that. When I want to change my hue scene in the livingroom, I use a custom app for that. When I want to keep my lights on in the bedroom because I don’t want the motion to turn them off while I am reading, I use a custom app for that. The list goes on and on with what you can achieve with custom apps and device types.

This is the best part of ST experience and it works great! I wouldn’t give it up for anything. And if a routine doesn’t run, well, that’s an official app. They’ll fix it sooner or later…

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I have seen that exception several months back but could never figure it out. It went away of its own. Cannot be Harmony related as mine was not hooked up then.

Same here with 90 plus devices with just one or two routine failing post poltergeist infestation. Clicking Done fixed those. Never rebooted the hub for 15 minutes. Just one reboot from IDE.

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I still have my unopened new in box v2 SmartThings hub sitting next to my active v1 hub. I’m deciding which relative I hate the most to give my v2 hub to for Christmas this year. :scream:

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Usual trend shown via research is “mother-in-law”. :wink:

“Happy wife, happy life.”

Unhappy MIL not a good first step. :wink:

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Well, mine is 7500 miles away! :wink: missus doesn’t read thiese posts!


I double dare you giving it to your mother-in-law. Your strategy is all wrong. You need to pick someone who doesn’t have your phone # and address, or else they’ll be hunting you down with questions. I tell you what, I’ll send you my address, I could use another hub to see if mine is broken. Who knows, we both may be happy with the results. I get my local processing back and you have less headaches to deal with…Deal?


When your presence sensor device stops working everybody tells you that your hub is too close to the router.
Well, that’s what I was told, but if I move it something else might stop working. Right now just my presence devices don’t work and I can deal with it.
I think my hub came with a 2’ network cable so I used it.

4cd-09b8-4403-ae48-c9d1c791d558 1:18:18 AM EST: error C*-AppStateCache-Update timed-out and fallback disabled.

Like this? When I chose the device attached to it it showed up as my Ecobee thermostat

Yes. I have no Ecobee though. I’d put a ticket in on that in case it’s db corruption. It may not be but it’s worth reporting IMO.

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I have been having these issues as well. I tried to work around them and tell myself that they will get fixed but recently they have been getting worse. I just sent this ticket to support

Hello, I have been dealing with some issues with routines and apps not working and these are starting to become unsafe. At first the routines would not execute however in the app it said that it ran but it did nothing. I blew this off to being a bug and it kept happening and eventually all my routines were broke. I deleted all my routines and re added them. I did this several times and they are still not working. My latest issue is a very important one I have a heater in my 11 month old son’s room and it is suppose to turn on after the temperature goes below a certain level. This has been working flawlessly for a few months except last night it stopped working along with the goodnight routine which left all of the doors unlocked and all of the lights on. This is past frustrating now please give me some explanation to what is happening and I know that these issues are not just mine because I read the post on the community.


Same here. Even recreated new routines are not working. I opened a second ticket as they are not responding

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This is my Second ticket on this issue as well, No response from the first.

I’ve stopped using routines almost completely.

I use rule machine now.


Rule machine can’t keep SmartThings going if the hub goes inactive, though. And since I didn’t get any response to my question about why there was no pre-notification for the last platform update, my assumption is that they may sometimes give notification, but they do not consider it essential.

I wouldn’t deploy SmartThings at this point for winter heating control of any kind, including temperature monitoring.

( by the way, it was not my Internet connection, of course. it was just SmartThings.) And once the hub went off-line the first time, nothing in my house worked even when it did come back online. So I woke up to nothing working the other day.

I find this to be a big difference between ST up through August and now. I don’t know if it’s platform changes, mobile app changes, or hub changes, since all changed in the same period. But in the past, When hub v1 went off-line, nothing worked, but when it came back online most things seem to work.

Now, once hub v2 two goes off-line, nothing works for a while until we do a lot of reset and fiddling, in both the mobile app and with the devices themselves.

That’s a big change, and a primary source of frustration. Each individual action may be small, but first of all having nothing run until the person attends to it makes each platform push that much more inconvenient.

And, of course, since I am not able to do the resets on my own, it cost me actual money to pay somebody else to do them. Yet another source of frustration.

Sorry, I’m venting–most people in this topic already know all of this. :rage:

Just wanted to say that at this point I think the system, whether by philosophy or design, has to be considered what in engineering we would call a “unreliable actor.”

So I definitely wouldn’t put a winter heating system on it.