Frustrated by the state of things

I think that platform is hosted on multiple servers and some has propagate pushed changes and some not.

Definitely something wrong with the system. I am reviewing my GEOfencing log and I am seeing entries for Home locations that I deleted months ago. I am getting “REST call: FAILURE: Home_New: 403 Forbidden” along with a few other temporary home location that was created as part of the migration.

Emailed support about this a few days ago and didn’t hear anything back from them.

Well, I tell you why. You are not using Smart Light and don’t rely on routines (as much). Plus, it seems like the iOS is holding better than Android these days. Plus, it bugs me when things don’t run as they should, and that’s really not a good idea when it comes to ST, because the way you do things change on regular basis. I am glad they do change on Saturday, usually, because I have extra time to play on weekend.

A bunch of fixes will be implemented by ST soon…I can certainly wait ‘few weeks’ (more)

I have over 30 Smart Lights automations, and they all work. And, I have a dozen Routines, and they all work too. As for iOS and Android, how they function has nothing to do with how the ST backend functions. I don’t have things “change” on me, as to how they work, ever. ???

Going to report it tonight, but I got a log notification of something about an error with netflix. Interesting, because I don’t have anything in ST related to Netflix, at all, ever… eek.

This thread has info on it. Reported to ST support: Hystrix exception?


Interesting. I had two things that have changed on me only this week. First, how routines handle the setlevel. I had no problems for almost a year where I was turning on non dimmers and dimming lights at 10%. Now I can’t. Had to go in and change things around. And second, I used to be able to remove runin times and the app would save, now I have to put 0. I don’t mind tinkering, but is frustrating when you have to spend time to figure out what is wrong. If someone would publish a list of system changes, would be so much better. Well people would still fuss because they have to follow the changes, but it would certainly avoid the mass confusion as to why things are not working.

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Yeah, this just make me think that is time to bring back my v1 hub. My local processing is disabled anyway, so maybe that would fix all of my problems too…

Same here. I’m just shy of 200 and everything generally works as intended (I’m knocking on wood just to be safe). I use Smart Lighting (30 or so run locally). I have a random wierd thing once in awhile, but by and large, it’s easily functioning 99% of the time. As for Android and iOS, I think the Android app is crap (it’s better, but still hangs). The iOS app seems to be more stable. My phone is Android, but I do have an iPad. Upgrading to Hub v2, even though it was painful due to the volume of devices and apps, in the end, everything works better (it gave me the opportunity to clean things up and re-think a few things). It was bumpy in the beginning. I have not needed to change things for awhile - things have been pretty stable. I’m creating a few new apps for myself, but overall things are good.

Hey … you and @bravenel are off-topic! This is for the frustrated folks! :grimacing:


Ha ha, yeah. As I was reading this, I started wondering… if this system is so wonderful and reliable, then why is support too overwhelmed with call volume to get back to customers with legitimate issues? [/rhetorical question]

It’s the community trying to support those who are not having such a good time. Maybe there are commonalities to those having bad experiences. Maybe there are commonalities for those having good experiences. There are some very valid reasons those with near 200 devices are having a better experience. A person who can afford 200 devices probably can have some things that might help

  • High End Networking Gear
  • Modern Electrical System
  • Stronger Mesh From Device Density
  • Magic Makes It Work Dust

From your live log screenshot; your setup has a lot of moving parts.


Absolutely true, though the screenshot is somewhat inflated due to duplicates being created every time I deleted and re-added a Routine.

Edit: And where can I buy this magic dust? :open_mouth:

It is wonderful, and reliable is relative to your mission and the risks you take installing non-qualified “code”. It impresses me what we can get, and what we do with our systems.

On that subject, I want to throw one more thing out there… many, if not all of us are using community code. While I love that code, I know that it’s not all perfect. Yes, ST should be able to handle it, but there is nothing stopping someone from getting in a switch loop, or weird failures where their commands are being killed because they execute too long for various reasons. Open systems are a double edged sword. There is one way (a terrible way, the “walled garden” way) for ST to increase reliability, and I for one don’t want to see it happen.

Let’s use the openness to help enhance reliability. I’ve been thinking about creating some SmartApps to help diagnose issues, but haven’t really had the time yet. I think there is an opportunity there. One thing I was looking for was a cloud logging system. I created a DebugDevice SmartApp too (way simple at the moment, not releasable). I’m sure there are other great ideas…


After you cross 120 devices @ben will appear in your house and hand it to you.

After 150 devices, you get @ben and @slagle


On a more serious note, if you are having troubles, there are plenty of us on the forums that are willing and able to help. As @ben noted earlier there are over 500 very engaged users in the community.

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You have hit the nail on the head there, Brian. Here’s my take on it. If ST is going to use the “openness” of the system as a selling point, they can’t turn around and dismiss (or send tickets to the “low priority black hole”) simply because something is not on the official “Works With SmartThings” list. OTOH, users of the custom handlers/smartapps should not become part of the problem by stubbornly washing their hands of all responsibility, and insisting ST “fix it” (yesterday). IMO, if a person is savvy enough to write and/or install the custom stuff, they should be responsible enough to routinely check up on it and verify that nothing bad or odd is happening. Likewise, when they open the inevitable trouble ticket, they need to be involved as part of the solution. That said, I think it’s perfectly reasonable (though not preferable) for Support to ask any of us to temporarily use the “off the shelf” stuff as a troubleshooting aid.

And I do like your idea debugging-type Smartapps.

Well I’m also in the centurion+ club, and will likely exceed 200 by year end, and have at least 30 Smart Light instances, and my automations are also working, and aside from the occasional “I forgot the state of things” farting noises that emanate from my hub after a platform update or a failed node, or whatever the heck graph is puttering about with in the background, I’m good.
What’s not good for me, and hasn’t been since V2 app, is just that, the V2 app crashing. I’ve since migrated to a Note 5 and an S2 tab, and while these crash and recover quicker, the crashes are only slightly less frequent than they were on my Droid maxx…
But also, My setup doesn’t relay any of the features that have been notably broken recently, dimmer levels, flapping time zones, calendar scheduling…

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This is too funny!! Mesh density is a valid point, it helps.

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