Frustrated by logins and Samsung's attempts control and backup my phone

Well, where to start.

I brought a Old v2 to life today and luckily I had the old password, which was a gmail account.
V2 hub, New Smarthings app.

Then the headache began. My hub wasn’t on the us-east2 shard, and I forgot where to find it. Got that sorted…

Signed into the web site with my gmail account, saw my hub online! Great
Opened up the app, was already logged into a hub at another location. No place to sign in with another account? Fail #1

Removed the entire account from my phone, reopened the app and tried to sign in. Used the same username and password as on the web. No Devices == Fail #2

Removed the account, went back into the app again, tried to log in with google account instead of Samsung. Samsung then required me to verify my email, link my accounts, tried to subscribe me to mailing lists. Tried to remove that account the phone seemed to want to start syncing’ everything to the cloud… Fail #3

How is this continuing? I’ve used the product and I like it but I’m about to toss the entire hub in the trash and remove Samsung ST from my home and buy another hub…

For frustrating reasons, Samsung insists that logins to all their services be “federated” (i.e., one login for all services, whether it be SmartThings, phone backup, calendar, app store, etc.).

This is entirely in their own interest for customer data collection and marketing.

Other companies do this to various extents (both Google and Facebook encourage you to use their logins to all sorts of services, for example).

It’s not so much “how” but “why”…
It’s because Samsung is selling a low margin product (a $70 Hub) with lifetime, unlimited, fee-free service. Samsung has to profit somehow. Samsung will tell you that federated logins is to make things easier for the consumer. Perhaps it does. But perhaps it also helps Samsung know everything about you, sell that data, and also sell add-on products like apps (from their own app store), themes, cloud drive storage, etc…

So yup - If you don’t like this strategy, try a different hub. Just beware that this strategy will dominate the industry. Both Google and Amazon are obviously much more interested in our data than just the purchase of Google Home or Amazon Echo.


Sad but true.

Thanks tgauchat and rontalley, I appreciate the feedback.

Part of me is glad it’s not a mess up on my part. I just want to give me home security stuff working. Federating the identity and such is fine, i can make enough gmail accouts, but the shiftiness of trying to create a samsung pass acount and immediate start backing up my phone.

I may just start looking at the other devices, atleast the won’t try to hook into my phone. That was a bit much…

Should I be looking at open source hubs?

Update: I’ve installed Home Assistant on a raspberry pi with a Z-Wave card, migrated my devices over to it. Works perfectly. Installed Node-Red on the same device and the automation, update and notification options are plentiful.

My question to answer now is if I want to get rid of the Samsung hub and use a zigbee card in my system. I like the openness and the fact that it’s my sysetm, unlike the above where Samsung tries to dominate my phone, contacts, settings and authentication.

Obviously you want to.

Anyone successfully running Home Assistant probably has very little need for SmartThings.

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