Front door opens and alarm goes off

In the Disable alarm routine you are using, is there anything in the Set Smart Home Monitor To section? It looks like is catching her returning but nothing is changing SHM to your disarmed before the triggering event for the alarm. This could be due to not enough time before the door opens triggering the alarm or the task telling SHM to be switched to a disarmed state is missing/broken.

From the last image on the first post it really looks like a time issue. The door opens triggering the alarm then disable alarm is ran, then mode is changed to alarm disable.

What is after the 8:48 in the last screen shots? Did the presence kick in and run the disable alarm routine and security set to disarm?

These are the next 2 screens rhoffer. I am trying to find out from her if the Disable alarm was fired by her on the app or if it was by presence. I think both of you are right. What is the time out for the routine change? I guess it makes sense since we don’t want gobs of code running one right after the other.

It Seems to work correctly otherwise. If she is gone for an hour, it works fine.

Could this be an issue?

I just talked to her. She fired the Disable Alarm Routine manually. This only happens when she comes back too fast. If you notice there is a CoRE that fires as a push notification. I told her to listen for that so she know that the alarm is disabled.

Looks like it is working just not fast enough. She will just have to take a little time coming in the house and listen for the push or change it manually if she is in a hurry!

My daughter’s school is right across the street and she uses a ST FOB (no phone yet). We can’t use our phones for presence because of the small geofence to get it to disarm when she comes back from school. We ran into the same time problem of having to wait driving in the driveway.

Sorry ,I’m kinda lost in all this.

Is core controlling the states or SHM? Why is core sending notifications when I think SHM can?

I still think it’s a timing issue, or conflicting control.
Possibly look into a keypad or something to allow her to disable the alarm when she gets there before the system catches up?

Has to be a better way then just sitting and waiting for everything to catch up to her.

Correct me if I am wrong. The SHM will only push notify if the alarm is tripped. It does not push when the alarm is set or disabled.

I’m sure your right, I gave up on SHM a long time ago.

In my opinion your counting on it changing modes, detecting changes, sending notifications, triggering alarms and such with a variable amount of time in the mix.

When it’s working and everything happens at the pace or sequence you set it up for it probably works.
The whole cloud turnaround and such just got in the way for me. Tired of false alarms because I opened the door to fast, or whatever.

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It sounds like you have had these issues in the past. Thank you for your help TN_Oldman and rhoffer. I have been having this issue for a year and never really dug deep to figure it out. You guys helped me do that. I will just have to chalk this up to running as designed.

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You still might be able to get this working better. You just might have to think outside the box or look at it a little differently.
One issue is presence using the phone can be slow and unreliable. It can sometimes take a while for it to change. I decided a while back to use the smartthings presence FOB for my family in conjunction with our phone presence. I personally haven’t tracked it but I believe the FOB responds quicker (in my case) and is more reliable. One downfall is they use batteries and I tend to have to have to replace them every 3 or 4 months.
Even then I can sometimes get to my back door before the system knows I’m there and on rare occasions I still beat the system and unlock the door before it’s in Home Mode. I know the house knows I’m home because the outside light turns on to let me know and light up the back door area.
Some people tackle the whole presence issue by using life360 in conjuction with smarthings phone presence or just use life360 and ignore smartthings phone presence.
Possibly you could play with the geofence size to get it as large as possible, but still allow for detection that she has left. This would allow for sooner detection of her arrival and more time for system to catch up.
Since you use android you could look into sharp tools app. It would connect to your system (via cloud, unfortunately). It would allow you to put widgets on your phone to toggle or see the state of things, or state of modes.

You could also use a keypad as others have to control your alarm state.

Or you could possibly use and old phone or tablet with smarttiles as a sort or security keypad.

Possibly add a different sensor set very specific to your situation to catch her presence along with other triggers to provide more accuracy. Like motion in garage, garage door open, specific contact switch made ect…

There are many options and many examples in the forum threads. Just would require lots of reading and finding something that you think would work for you and your family.

Sorry I wasn’t very helpful to resolve your current issue.

I like your ideas. Is there a way for ST to pol the current state of the presence if the garage door opens?

I don’t think it polls, I think it waits for something to tell it your present. Phone, FOB, Tasker, Life360, whatever you choose to use or combination you choose.

But your already using CORE, I would think you could combine those 2 things into a core piston. Along with possibly other conditions.

But if her smartthings phone presence is currently the trigger, and it’s already slow you gain nothing because your still counting on her phone presence as one of the conditions.

Possibly you can find a way to implement this idea in the 2ND post of this thread using core. This would allow your wife time to push a button, tap a code, or whatever to disable the alarm before it goes off.

I am going to try a SmartThings Presence monitor first. Then, if that doesn’t work, I will have to reinvent the wheel. Shes is about to take a bat to it. I have no issues though. Weird. We have the same exact phone too. Samsung S7.

Have you tried life360? Some people report it works better for them that smartthings phone Geo location.

You could also pair the FOB with her phone as a redundant detection using this smart app.

I use that smart app in our house to help with presence.

Just got a ST presence sensor. I am working through it now. I will let you know how it goes.

It works for my daughter. I’m not sure how far “the other side of the freeway” is for you. Her brick school is about 200 yds from the house. ST usually senses her around 100 yds from the house with the geo-fence as small as it can go. She is on foot so she’s slower than your wife is travelling. One thing to watch for is that my daughter’s can get a little glitchy with it showing arriving when it never left every once in a while. I limited it initially to change the mode to I’m back during School days (M-F) during certain hours in the CoRE piston. I recently have been trying out a modification to check that she had not been present for at least 3 minutes in a notification piston I use for her return to keep from the system changing modes from the glitch. The sensor hasn’t glitched since I added it to test it, but you might not have that problem with yours. The sensor is better than my wife’s Samsung S5 and my S5 with Life 360 but needs a battery change every 3 month with cheap batteries in it. Hope you have good luck with it.

What is am trying out is this piston. If presence monitor arrives and the SHM is set then disable alarm. That simple and the phone still works off the routines.

Since the FOB works with zigbee I don’t think it is effected by the geofence size. I have my geofence set to 300 meters and you still have to be at the house for the FOB to work.

Good catch. I wasn’t thinking zigbee or cellular when it came to the geo-fence, just presence device and geo-fence. I might be able to open it up to get a little more reliability with the phones.

Guess what? No issues so far! A happy wife is a happy life. Thanks guys!

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