Front door devices stopped reporting status - unable to lock front door to my home

I’ve got a Door contact sensor and a Z-Wave Lock with Codes on my front door. Both have been operating fine for years. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, they have stopped reporting their actual state (open/close - locked/unlocked). This is a bit of a concern because everyone in the home is used to just closing the door and having it lock behind them (took me months to “Train” everyone LoL) I also can not manually lock the door from the ST App because the door sensor is reporting “open” and won’t allow the front lock to lock.

Things I’ve done:

  1. Replaced batteries in both devices.
  2. Rebooted hub (multiple times)
  3. Repaired Z Wave network (multiple times)
  4. Unplugged hub for several minutes

I am by no means anywhere near an ‘expert’ on this kind of thing so I am not sure what steps to take next or, where to start even looking.
I can’t even lock the door manually from inside the house because it will just unlock due to the door sensor stating that it’s open.

Anything you can suggest / offer, I’d appreciate it.

Which Hub do you have? If version 2 did you pull the batteries when you unplugged it for a while? If ADT you need to go to your hub on the Samsung Web Page ( I do not know the address of the top of my head) and go to utilities and tell it to reboot the hub. If version 3 then I believe unplugging it is all that is needed to reboot it as it does not have a battery backup. Also check to see if you bring the magnet closer to the door sensor does it see it as closed. I had a door that I had to mount the sensor side of the door sensor up side down because the door swung the opposite way of my other doors which caused the magnet to be on the wrong side of the sensor. It was flaky until I figured this out.

I had a few of my sensors do this to me last night. I removed and re-added a few of them which worked but was painful.

I left the others over night and they connected.

The other thing to check is device health in the classic app. If you have this turned on try turning it off.

I have a non-ADT hub without a battery backup. I just left it unplugged for about 6 minutes and even disconnected the Ethernet cable. The front door is now showing as closed and the lock is showing as locked. Not sure if that’s due to the unplug or not. I’ll have to wait to see if they change. As far as the contact sensor/magnet, it hasn’t been moved from its original position where it’s been for years, working without an issue.

The unplugging of the device hasn’t rectified the issue. Just went downstairs to open / close the front door and the status won’t change.

Thanks for the reply. I haven’t messed with this in so long I don’t even remember how to remove/add devices any longer. As stated above, unplugging for 6+ minutes seems to have corrected the report status. It’s just these two devices that are having the issue, none of the other sensors have an issue.

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