Frequent Z-Wave Power Cycle Events

My hub for the past week has been having extreme Z-wave communication issues. Device commands lag or never reach the device. Routines and SmartApps with z-wave fail with almost 100% predictability. The hub event logs show numerous Z-Wave power cycle events, 12 in the last hour for example. I’ve tried numerous Z-Wave repairs but I am starting to suspect the Z-Wave modem is bad.

Support has been responsive but has been unable to offer any solutions.

Anyone else experience this before?

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If it were me - I would tell customer support I want a replacement under warranty, and get an RMA.
At least see what their response is.

Short update… I performed a couple more Z-Wave rebuilds this morning and the frequency of the errors dropped to about 2-2 per hour. Support must have done something later in the day as there were no further errors after almost exactly 4pm.

I have the same issue. V1 Hub.
Have had it for a couple of weeks but no time to even look at it.
It’s still there. I can push a button on the app and turn on/off a switch only to have nothing happen a few seconds later when I try again. Motion sensors tied to lights randomly work as well.
Extremely frustrating.

Btw, how do you see the errors and what do you mean by “rebuild”?

If you log into the IDE and go to your hub, you can choose an option called “List Events”. To spot any potential errors with Z-Wave devices look for errors like these:

2017-02-16 3:59:28.062 PM EST
1 day ago	HUB		zwStatus	ready		Z-Wave is ready
2017-02-16 3:59:26.653 PM EST
1 day ago	HUB		zwStatus	power cycle		Z-Wave power cycle started
2017-02-16 3:59:26.628 PM EST
1 day ago	HUB			Err 120: Z-Wave send timed out		Err 120: Z-Wave send timed out

If you want to attempt to repair the Z-Wave network (not recommended for large networks), you can click the “View Utilities” link and then “Repair Z-Wave network”. I woudn’t recommend doing it unless you see any errors or ghost devices.

My hub had over 40 of those errors yesterday right up to 16:00 EDT when it appears support must have done something to fix. I’ve been chasing the issue down for more than a month. It’s now been over 24 hours since the last error so things are looking very encouraging!

I have three devices showing as OFFLINE, but two of them kind of work.
The third one is not coming up when I run repair.
I get this error:
Network repair for Inside Door [04]: Failed to update mesh info

Did you ever get a resolution for this? i am starting to see the same thing now.

I did not, although the frequency at which the errors occur has gone down significantly. I still see a few every day however. There is always a 2-3 minute Z-Wave outage when they occur. I’ve simply resigned myself to the fact that SmartThings has a poor Z-Wave stack.

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When you run zwave repair do you run it until you get no errors?

When you get “failed to update mesh” it means some devices need more time.

You need to run zwave repair sometimes at least times in a row, or until no errors are reported.

I tried that but it didn’t help.

Support has actually advised me against running Z-Wave Repair as it can cause more harm than good on larger networks.

were you able to get a zwave repair without error?


I was hoping someone else would reply to this.

This does not sound right to me, zwave repair is always the right answer, but I do not want to contradict what support told you.

Nope, never. I gave up and bought a 2nd gen hub. Problems gone after that so I’m pretty sure it was a software bug.

The premise is sound. I have close to 100 Z-Wave devices. They never all respond properly during a rebuilt, even after 6 consecutive repairs. It’s likely that repair never completes because of the number of devices and the instability that occurs during a rebuild.

Im facing the same issue for the last 2 weeks. Could you tell us what happend with you